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League of Legends: Riot Games “Arcane” Dethroned Squid Game as Most Watched Series

Within three days of its premiere last Friday, League of Legends Arcane had become Netflix's most-watched series. Arcane Outshined Squid Game

League of Legends: Riot Games Arcane Outshined Squid Game as Most-Watched Series: Within three days of its premiere last Friday (November 6), Arcane had become Netflix’s most-watched series. According to FlixPatrol, the League Of Legends series is currently at the top of the global Netflix charts for November 9. According to IGN, the series also debuted at No. 1 on Netflix charts in 37 countries.

The animated series is also said to be a major hit in China, where Netflix isn’t available. According to Bloomberg, Arcane has received over 130 million views in East Asia and has become the most-searched topic on Tencent’s streaming platform, which also owns League Of Legends creator Riot Games. Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Arcane Outshined Squid Game in the Top 10s of Netflix chart, but it is missing a few countries. The animated series, according to FlixPatrol, did not fulfill worldwide standards in the same manner that Squid Game did. Arcane is only ranked number 8 in the United States, a few ranks behind Squid Game. However, given the fact that it has only been a few days, a lot can still happen. Dethroning Squid Game is extremely plausible, especially given how successful the exhibition was in the first two days.

“Arcane” has also gotten great feedback from critics and audiences alike. On IMDb, for example, it garnered a 9.4 out of ten ratings, while on the review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, it received 100% “freshness” from reviewers and 98% from audiences.

Surprisingly, only three of the nine series reached this goal. Unlike previous seasons, which were released in their entirety on Netflix, “Arcane” was released in installments. As a result, on November 6, the first three episodes aired. The next six will be released in two weeks, on November 20, respectively.

In other places, Squid Game is still at the top of the Top 10s mountain. All of this, however, might change very soon, especially following Arcane’s outstanding performance. The first act of the show is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

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