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League of Legends reveals latest trailer showcasing Udyr upcoming rework

League of Legends reveals latest trailer showcasing Udyr upcoming rework

Udyr, The Spirit Walker finally receives some much-needed rework. Many League of Legends players had called for an update on Udyr, especially after the champion fell from the meta jungler list. While Riot Games had promised that they were reworking the champion, their latest trailer showcases his new upcoming model and abilities. We can see the Spirit Walker’s new look as he clashes with enemies around the Summoner’s Rift.

While we still don’t know exactly what Udyr’s reworked abilities will do, here are some leaked information regarding them. These may not be the actual or final description of the champion’s skills. We can only know that after he gets released on the PBE server for player testing.

Reworked Udyr’s leaked new abilities

  • Passive: Spirit Walker

Awakened Spirit: Instead of one ultimate, Udyr has four basic abilities that swap between stances. He can re-cast his stance during its cooldown to Awaken it, refreshing them with bonus effects.

Monk Training: After using an Ability, Udyr’s next two attacks within four seconds gain 30% increased attack speed and refund 5% of Awaken’s cooldown on hit.

  • Q: Wilding Claw
    • Wilding Stance: Udyr gains 25% attack speed for four seconds. His next two attacks will maul the target to deal a bonus of 3.2% max health physical damage.
    • Awaken: Grants 34% additional attack speed. During this time, his next two attacks call lightning to strike six times, each dealing up to 10.6% max health magic damage to isolated targets.
  • W: Iron Mantle
    • Mantle Stance: Udyr gains 63 shields for four seconds. His next two attacks in this stance additionally gain 10% life steal and restore 12 health on hit.
    • Awaken: Shield increased to 178, and Udyr regenerates 89 over four seconds. During this stance, Life on hit and life steal bonuses are doubled.
  • E: Blazing Stampede
    • Stampede Stance: Udyr gains 30% move speed, decaying over four seconds. Additionally, Udyr’s attacks in this stance lunge at and stun targets for .75 seconds. This effect has a six-second cooldown on each target.
    • Awaken: It grants immunity to immobilizing and disabling effects and an additional 32% move speed for 1.5 seconds.
  • R: Wingborn Storm
    • Storm Stance: Udyr surrounds himself in a glacial storm for four seconds that deals 20 magic damage per second to nearby enemies inside and slows them by 15%. His next two attacks in this stance deal 14 magic damage to enemies in the storm.
    • Awaken: Unleash the storm, causing it to seek a nearby. It deals an additional 9.4% max health damage over the remainder of its duration.

If one views the trailer, we see that Udyr’s original Phoenix, Turtle, Tiger, and Bear stances have been replaced by those from the Freljord’s Demigods. His skills showcase features of Ornn, Volibear, Anivia, and the Iron Boar.

We will get confirmed information about Udyr’s new kit when the champion gets released with the upcoming Patch 12.16 in about three weeks. Players will then be able to check out his updated visuals and abilities during that time in the PBE.

Stay tuned with us to get more such latest League of Legends news.

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