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League of Legends Patch 11.21: Check out the Upcoming Dragonmancer Skins

League of Legends Patch 11.21: Check out the Upcoming Dragonmancer Skins

League of Legends Patch 11.21: Check out the Upcoming Dragonmancer Skins. While the Worlds 2021 is raging on, the devs at League of Legends have dropped the details of the new patch 11.21. In the patch notes, the most striking point was the introduction of new Dragonmancer skins for the following League of Legends champions – Yasuo, Karma, Kai’sa, Thresh, and Volibear. In this patch, the Dragonmancer skin designs will also be available in different chromas. Let us look at these skins in detail.


Yasuo has been awarded two Dragonmancer skins – the Truth Dragon Yasuo and the Dream Dragon Yasuo, and each cost 1820 RP.

  1. Truth Dragon Yasuo has black hair and wears a feathery white shoulder coat, brown pants, and a jacket with emerald green dragon scales. The Truth Dragon and Yasuo’s skill effects are of a light chartreuse color. After casting Last Breath, Truth Dragon Yasuo’s hair and sword color change to yellow.
  2. Dream Dragon Yasuo can be seen playing the flute during his recall animation. His hair and garb are light magentas. The Dream Dragon and Yasuo’s skills are of light indigo color. After casting Last Breath, Dream Dragon Yasuo’s hair and sword get a glowing purple-white shade.


Karma’s Tranquility Dragon skin can be considered a mixture of one light blue and one light red dragon. It costs 1350 RP.

Her skill effects have both blue and red elements in them and become more noticeable when she casts them with Mantra Bonus. In her recall animation, two dragons, each light blue and light red combine to form the Tranquility Dragon.


After the Yasuo Dragonmancer skins, Kai’sa’s Lagoon Dragon can be considered the most beautiful one. It costs 1350 RP.

The Lagoon Dragon Kai’sa has emerald-colored hair and garb. In her recall animation, a twin-headed Lagoon Dragon appears. All her skills have emerald-colored water effects with a slight mixture of gold.


The Steel Dragon Thresh is the least fancy skin in the Dragonmancer series. This skin costs 1350 RP. In Steel Dragon skin, Thresh has black steel and dirty green color combination which can be considered more minimal looking than his regular emerald ghostly features. During the recall animation, his lantern changes into the Steel Dragon.


Volibear also has two Dragonmancer skins – Duality Dragon Volibear and Prestige Duality Dragon Volibear. The Duality Dragon Volibear costs 1350 RP while the Prestige Duality Dragon Volibear can be only bought using Prestige points.

  1. Duality Dragon Volibear – In this skin, Volibear wears silver-colored arm guards. The color of the skills and Duality Dragon of Volibear is a mix of indigo with blue-black ink-like features. The Duality Dragon can be seen in the recall animation.
  2. Prestige Duality Dragon Volibear – In this skin, Volibear has a copper-colored Prestige Duality Dragon, helmet, and wrist guards. His one arm is golden while the other is maroon. The dragon can be seen during the recall animation.

The patch has already been released and the skins have become available. Since every skin comes with various chroma shades, the color descriptions can change.

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