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LCS signed a 7-year Sponsorship Deal with FTX as an official Crypto Currency Exchange

LCS signed Sponsorship Deal with FTX, a Crypto Currency exchange
LCS signed Sponsorship Deal with FTX, a Crypto Currency exchange

LCS signed a 7-year Sponsorship Deal with FTX as an official Crypto Currency Exchange: League of Legends North American league, League Championship Series, has partnered with the famous cryptocurrency exchange FTX. According to the partnership signed for a period of 7 years, FTX will give the Most Improved Player award in the league and will appear under the gold status of the teams in the matches played. This signed partnership was recorded as the biggest sponsorship deal Riot Games has signed for an esports league.

Starting this weekend, viewers will see FTX branding on the LCS broadcast around League of Legends’ most valuable currency: Gold. FTX will provide player net worth, total team gold, and those rollercoaster gold graphs. FTX will also directly sponsor the LCS Most Improved Player Award, which will be decided by a panel of Rioters, media, and team representatives.

“We consider the mood and interests of our fans at the center of every LCS collaboration. This information guides our decision-making, allowing us to focus on partners that are relevant to our target demographic and can help the LCS grow for years to come. These indicators led to a clear interest in the crypto area, where FTX stands out as a forward-thinking, smart leader in a space that our followers are familiar with. Riot Games stated, “We’ve only just begun to press our advantage together.”

About LCS

The League Championship Series (LCS) is a Riot Games LoL competition, involving roughly ten franchise participants in the United States and Canada. The LCS is divided into two competitive seasons: a spring and a summer league. The two leagues conclude with a double-elimination match between the top eight teams. The victor of the league, as well as the second and third-placed teams from the summer playoffs, qualify for the League of Legends World Championship at the end of each season.

About FTX

Their Company websites mention that FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange designed for and by traders. FTX offers industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens, among other things. We seek to create a platform that is both robust and intuitive for professional trading firms and first-time users.

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