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Latest Valorant Agent Neon Making Waves in Community But Not Just for Good Reasons

Latest Valorant Agent Neon Making Waves in Community But Not Just for Good Reasons
Neon becomes invincible while sprinting from sage wall

The Latest Valorant agent Neon is already breaking the game thanks to exploits of her already powerful skills just days after being formally announced. Thankfully, some of them have already been addressed. Neon was first introduced on January 7, and it didn’t take long for gamers testing the newest Valorant agent on the PBE to figure out how to use her kit to break the game. She’s unquestionably the quickest agent in the game, but an exploit released on January 8 boosts her speed to 11 and makes her virtually unbeatable.

Some Valorant players have found the agent’s lightning-fast speed to be too much for a game that depends on precision and positioning, according to early playtesters. AverageJonas, a Team Liquid streamer, demonstrated how Neon’s sprint ability, when combined with Sage’s wall ability, might result in an unexpected speed gain. He even has the point of view of the gamer on whom he employs the exploit in a reply to that thread.

Sage summons her barrier first, then Jonas uses Neon’s sprint ability on top of it. She accelerates considerably faster than any Valorant agent should be able to after striking the wall and dispatches the hostile Viper and Sage with ease. If you look at it from the perspective of the unfortunate Viper, there’s no way you could accomplish anything unless you have godlike reflexes. Thankfully, this particular issue has been patched out of the game and will not be available on live servers.

But it isn’t simply that exploit. In another video submitted by Reddit user mainady, he is able to track down the agent Yoru, who has the ability to run quicker, be invulnerable, and invisible as long as he isn’t near an enemy agent. Mainady is able to track down and kill the adversary Yoru by using Neon’s sprint ability.

Valorant gamers do not need to be concerned just yet. Competitive games are continually being patched, which is a good thing. Even if Neon isn’t perfect at launch, there are always fixes available if players continue to have issues with her in the future. The top competitive players can always find a way to work around flawed characters.

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