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Krafton set to launch action packed games by 2022: Callisto Protocol, Korean Witcher and PUBG Cowboy


Krafton is set to launch three more Action Packed Games by 2022- Callisto Protocol, Korean Witcher, and PUBG Cowboy: Krafton, a South Korean publisher, held a press conference where they revealed more information about their upcoming releases. Krafton is working on a number of projects, most of them are PUBG-related, but there are also other games in the works, such as The Callisto Protocol, PUBG Cowboy, and Korean Witcher.

After the immense success of the PUBG universe, Krafton wants to expand way beyond just Battle Royale. In a roadmap released by Krafton, the company is planning to launch a role-playing horror game – Callisto Protocol, and a game based on the 2003 Novel – ‘A bird that drinks tears’. Here is a summary of all planned projects by krafton, set to launch before 2022.

Callisto Protocol – A role playing horror game

The Callisto Protocol is a third-person survival horror game that is set to be released in 2022. Striking Distance Studios, which was founded by Glen Schofield, co-creator of the Dead Space series, is working on the game. The world of The Callisto Protocol is really tied to the PUBG universe, as Striking Distance is a subsidiary of Krafton.

The trouble is, The Callisto Protocol’s story takes set in the year 2320, which is around 300 years after the events of PUBG. The story takes place on an off-world colony named Black Iron, which is stationed on Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons. Due, to the low levels of radiation, it seemed suitable for the human race to settle there and colonize.

Korean Witcher – Based on 2003 Korean novel

Korean Witcher (temporary name) is a video game project based on the popular Korean fantasy novel The Bird That Drinks Tears, with the goal of expanding into a wider multimedia brand, according to Krafton, the studio behind PUBG. Following a press conference report, we received some new information about this project, which remains a mystery. However, it is certain that the game will be based on the Korean fantasy novel “A Bird that Drinks Tears,” which was published in 2003. (dubbed).

PUBG Cowboy

PUBG Cowboy

With the teased Project Cowboy, Krafton is building on another PUBG spinoff. This game is set to launch by end of 2022.  The fact that this is on the way has been confirmed by Krafton, which is really significant. PUBG and PUBG Mobile have already been hugely successful. The gamers’ “common wish” led to the creation of Project Cowboy.

This was originally conceived as a PUBG custom game. Project Cowboy was a game set in Miramar that solely used firearms from the Wild West. Pistols, bolt-action rifles, knives, bows, and arrows are all possibilities. Players could only use pistols and Win94s firearms in the PUBG edition. However, other weapons may be available in the actual Project Cowboy game.

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