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Krafton revealed Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Summer Classic update

Krafton revealed Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Summer Classic update
Krafton revealed Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Summer Classic update

Krafton revealed Battlegrounds Mobile India’s or BGMI Summer Classic update: Battlegrounds Mobile India or better known as the Indian alternate of PUBG Mobile is a very famous battle royale game released in the beta state on 18th June 2021 and a stable version released for Android users on July 2nd, 2021. Pubg Mobile was banned by the Government of India on September 2nd, 2020 addressing the data privacy issues related to it. Krafton is all set to release its latest update on July 6th bringing the new features, weapons, and vehicle skins. Many of the included features are already included in the globally accessible version of Pubg Mobile.

The New Features Added In Battlegrounds Mobile India’s or BGMI Summer Classic update:

1. Updated weapon Expression- The mechanics and aim views of some scopes are changed to provide a more realistic gaming experience.

2. UI/UX and Layout/sensitivity sharing feature- There are changes in UI in the lobby screen and a new lobby feature of tri-partition skin has been added, as well now players can share their layout and sensitivity with others using a uniquely generated number.

3. Upgraded training ground- The training ground has also been updated for more accurate practice and more stable spray.

4. Updated Crush Islets- There is a new feature of crush islets where you can try new loving emoticons with your loved ones.

5. New M1014 semi-auto shotgun- The gun was included shortly after the game ban in India. The players can found this new gun on the Livik map.

6. New 5.56mm gun FAMAS- In the most recent addition in-game the gun has high recoil and is inconvenient for a long-range fight the gun is preloaded with 25 bullets which can be increased by applying extended mag.

7. New 7.76mm bolt rifle Mosin Nagant: sniper- The sniper may be a good choice for sniper lovers as it has a faster reload time than the Kar98k. It can be found nearly in every mode.

8. Spike Trap: vehicle damage- The spike trap is added as a precautionary weapon to stop the enemies in a chase fight.

9. Throw Melee weapon- Now the melee weapons such as Pan or machete can be thrown to damage your enemy.

10. The Waypoints Selection- Players can mark the lines on the map to select the path and depict it very clearly to the teammates.

11. Over-the-shoulder firing mode- This firing mode is introduced and can be activated by the players for more stable spraying.

12. New Deathmatch Map: Hanger and New Classic-mode Map: Karakin- These two maps were added during the ban period and the maps are full of hiding places and full of loot.

13. New Vehicles Coupe RB and Motor Glider- Both the vehicles can accommodate a maximum of two persons and the motor glider is available in Erangel and Miramar while the Coupe RB is available in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

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