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Krafton Announces Battleground Smash Cup 2021 ft. East Asia Teams


Krafton Corporation Limited’s PUBG Studio will host BATTLEGROUND SMASH CUP Season 4 which will take place online on 29th May and 30th May 2021. BATTLEGROUNDS SMASH CUP Season 4 is an esports tournament for PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND players.

There will be a total of 16 teams participating in the event where the best team will become the champion. 12 teams got invited from Korea and 4 teams from Chinese Taipei, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong will be participating in the event. Teams from East Asia with the best competitive skills will take part in BSC Season 4. The third Season of Battleground Smash Cup was won by Griffin which will compete to defend their throne.


BATTLEGROUND SMASH CUP has been known for providing a fresh feel of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battleground’ esports fans where Krafton uses a new attempt every season. Krafton Corporation Ltd. introduced the new rules for this season which are already implemented according to the rulebook. The major rule changes are as follows – By modifying the point priority achievement method used in Season 3, the team that achieves 60 kills of 2 chickens first wins. On the first day, five matches will be played, and on the second day, the match will be continued until the winning team is found.


The total Prize Pool for Battlegrounds Smash Cup Season 4 is 25 million won which is equivalent to $22156.66 USD. There will be extra prize money for each chicken dinner in the match. The winning team of chicken dinner in the Battlegrounds Smash Cup Season 4 will get 1 million won (Approx $886 USD) prizemoney.

All games will be live-streamed on the official YouTube channel of Battleground’s esports. The stream will be live on another platform too such as Twitch, Africa, and Naver TV.

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