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Knights wins the first-ever PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas Championship

Knights became the Winners of The PMPL AMERICAS CHAMPIONSHIP
Knights became the Winners of The PMPL AMERICAS CHAMPIONSHIP

So finally we got the first-ever PMPL Americas Championship. Commencing June 17th, a total of 16 teams From Brazil, LATAM, and North America fought for the title. The Knights of North America came out to be victorious in the season 1 PUBG Pro League America’s Championship. The Knights were literally career backup players and came up from PUBG Mobile Club Open Public tournaments.

This fight took place for four days to determine the top champions of the 3 regions. The prize pool was an enormous amount of $150,000. There were over 24 matches over the 3 big regions. Even though the knights came 2nd to the team Ghost Gaming in the last tournament. The Knights won the PMPL Americas Championship.

The team that I was secretly rooting for has come back victorious and made their fans proud. At the starting of the last day of the tournament, The Knights had a total of 255 points leaving the second spot behind with 55 Points. The Knights had six chicken dinners. Ghost Gaming was in the second spot had 2 chicken dinners.

The first match of the last day was in the hands of Ghost Gaming even though that didn’t let the knights lose their cool. In the first match in Erangel the knights got 21 points, Ghost Gaming leaving them behind with 7 straight points. And following through all the 6 matches the knights managed to get 2 chicken dinners out of them and gaining a huge no of 331 points. The Knights won the PMPL Americas Championship giving them a grand amount of $40,000.

The fans of the knights are right now so hyped and proud of the squad. That’s not the only thing, PUBG Mobile eSports have also tweeted that there is a lot in store for the fans. The fans are having a chance to get gifts in-game and will be able to collect them from 21st June to 24th June.


  • Knights – 331 Points
  • Ghost Gaming – 241 Points
  • INTZ Brazil – 229 Points
  • Team Queso – 212 Points
  • Alpha 7 Esports – 210 Points
  • Estorm Gaming – 183 Points
  • Irmaos Metralha – 167 Points
  • B4 Esports – 159 Points
  • PassionFruit Esports – 158  Points
  • Lazarus – 158 Points
  • Boca Juniors Gaming – 146 Points
  • 19ESPORTS -136 Points
  • Influence Rage – 135 Point
  • Furious Gaming – 131 Points
  • Isurus Gaming – 128 Points
  • The Unnamed – 124 Points

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Pratyush Das

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