Kai Cenat responds to Jovi Pena and Djigui Seck controversy


Kai Cenat responds to Jovi Pena and Djigui Seck controversy- After an influencer named Jovi Pena claimed that she was raped at Kai Cenat’s New Year’s Party. She took to Twitter to reveal the name as she wasn’t receiving any help from anyone and decided to post about the matter in Twitter, which went on saying, “On January 1st, 2023 I was raped at a party by a COMPLETE stranger. I was invited to this party by someone I thought to be a friend. I asked for help and It’s not going anywhere so I’ve decided to take it to social media. His name is Djigui Sack.”

Kai Cenat responds to Jovi Pena and Djigui Seck controversy

Later she accused Cenat for the lack of her security, and added, “I was invited by Kai Cenat. When I decided to leave, he told me I’d be safer upstairs since I was drunk and nobody would bother me. However, after I fell asleep since I thought I was safe due to their being security and Kai’s confirmation. “However, I wasn’t safe.”

As described by Jovi, Cenat didn’t respond to the chats momentarily. However, he has an explanation now, which he shared today morning in his Twitter account, saying, “i feel the pain, she is hurt but Seck is in complete shock and utter confused. There are two sides of the story and police will interrogate the rest.” The suspect says he is friends with him from high school, but he empathizes with her and doesn’t take sides. A police investigation is now underway to determine what happened.

According to Twitch’s top dog xQc, Kai Cenat seems to be valuing his self-image over the alleged victim’s needs, says, “He seems to care more… there just seems to be a lot of care and a lot of attention to the things that are said against him rather than what is going on with the person that suffered something,” xQc said.

In regards to the alleged rape on Jan. 1 at Kai Cenat’s party, his friend Djigui Seck has not yet released a statement.

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