Kai Cenat pranks Adin Ross, “Guess who’s coming to Kick?”

Kai Cenat pranks Adin Ross, “Guess who's coming to Kick?”

Kai Cenat pranks Adin Ross, “Guess who’s coming to Kick?” The latest topic gaining traction is if popular streamers might be switching to the new streaming platform Kick. Apart from the discussion, streamers are also making fun of the situation. One such incident happened when Adin Ross was deceived by Kai Cenat on April Fool’s Day into believing that he was switching from Twitch to Kick.

‘April Fool’ pranks are easily detectable unless it’s very convincing or the if one can pull off the trick well. There were a lot of April Fool’s jokes spread, but Kai Cenat’s one may have just won the prize because he left Adin in a very perplexed discussion.

Kai Cenat pranks Adin Ross, “Guess who’s coming to Kick?”

“Guess who’s coming to Kick?” Kai yelled over the phone as he dialed Adin’s personal number. Adin inquired as to whether he had already signed a contract, sounding enthusiastic about the possibility of one of Twitch’s top broadcasters joining the rival service.

“Wait, have you signed a deal already? Did you get in early?” However, Kai was quick enough to shift the topic of discussion which hinted that this was nothing but a prank.

Since its release at the end of 2022, Kick has been a hot subject of conversation in the streaming community. The website presents itself as a less constrained, edgier option to Twitch. Kick offers a fresh venue for this material as the Amazon-owned platform clamps down on gambling and hot tub streams. And now more than ever, it has become a hot topic of discussion.

This joke’s success can be attributed, in part, to the fact that Kick is currently the subject of a significant marketing campaign. Deals are reportedly being made with several well-known figures, including GMHikaru, who is the most popular chess streamer on Twitch. However, it’s important to note that Kai Cenat has previously been questioned about switching to Kick, but he has responded that he is content on Twitch right now.

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