Kai Cenat claps back at KSI after YouTuber criticizes his song with IShowSpeed


Kai Cenat claps back at KSI after YouTuber criticizes his song with IShowSpeed- Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat retaliated after JJ “KSI” made fun of him and IShowSpeed for receiving fewer views on their most recent song than him by counter-trolling the British YouTuber in a short video that has gone viral. Kai didn’t mince his words while roasting the British influencer in a joking tone, mocking the margin by which his music is ahead of them.

Even though Kai Cenat & IShowSpeeds’ new song “Dogs” was released weeks before “Easy,” KSI compared the number of streams between the two songs in his video. Quickly discovering that Easy had received more streams than Dogs, he made jokes about being the superior musician. Following KSI’s latest video in which he mocked Kai and Speed’s song, Kai Cenat has shared some harsh words from the YouTuber. 

Kai Cenat claps back at KSI after YouTuber criticizes his song with IShowSpeed

Kai joked that he and Darren had said whatever on their most recent single and had received almost as many streams as the Brit, further claiming that they weren’t exactly serious about music.

Kai Cenat Response to JJ
by u/PoopStuckOnYourFur in ksi

“You’re a full-time musician, and we are just a hundred thousand listeners behind you. And we’ve only promoted the song once. Both me and Speed don’t really give a f*ck about music and we absolutely said bullsh*t on the track. You stood there and put your heart and soul on the notes, and we are still as close to you as ever. We’re better. Stick to boxing buddy!”

In terms of YouTube video views, Easy is far behind Dogs; the former only has a million while the latter has recently surpassed 6.5 million. The Twitch star made it obvious that he wasn’t disturbed by KSI’s remarks by saying that he was only kidding.

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