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Jonathan vs ScoutOP: Who has better statistics in BGMI Stats C1S1?

Jonathan vs ScoutOP: Who has better statistics in BGMI Stats C1S1? Battlegrounds Mobile India

The biggest question of the day? Jonathan vs ScoutOP, who managed to have better BGMI stats during Season C1S1. Among the most popular battle, royale games are Battlegrounds Mobile India. Graphics are excellent and in-game elements are immersive. In addition, the game has also produced several outstanding players, such as ScoutOP, otherwise known as Tanmay Singh, and Jonathan, known as Jonathan Amaral. Here is the comparison of BGMI Stats of these two legends in the game in season C1S1. 

About the players

Several international tournaments have been played by ScoutOP for India. In the PMSC 2018, he was the part of first international competition for PUBG Mobile, Team IND, from India.

ScoutOP currently plays for Soul and creates content for the team. With more than 2.9 million followers on Instagram, he has a massive following in the country. Over 4 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel. ScoutOP vs Jonathan

YouTube states that Jonathan is only 18 years old. Jonathan has been associated with the TSM Entity. He has played for the same organization since he began his professional gaming career. He with his team has won many official and unofficial tournaments including PMCO: Fall Split. Currently, he plays for GodLike Esports. Jonathan Gaming currently has 2.79 Million subscribers on Youtube.

Jonathan vs SocutOP BGMI Stats:

Jonathan BGMI Stats:
  • BGMI Id: 5112616229
  • Matches Played: 183
  • Wins: 28
  • Top 10: 101
  • Finishes: 1068
  • F/D Ratio: 5.84
  • HeadShots: 196
  • Headshots Percentage: 18.4%
  • Win Ratio: 15.3%
  • Top 10 ratio: 55.2%
  • Average Damage: 995.2
  • Accuracy: 13.9%
  • Average Heals: 141.2
  • Revived: 78
  • Most Finishes: 23
  • Highest Damage: 4156
ScoutOP BGMI Stats:
  • BGMI Id: 5144286984
  • Matches Played: 397
  • Wins: 53
  • Top 10: 164
  • Finishes: 1534
  • F/D Ratio: 3.86
  • HeadShots: 272
  • Headshots Percentage: 17.7%
  • Win Ratio: 13.4%
  • Top 10 ratio: 41.6%
  • Average Damage: 662.7
  • Accuracy: 13.0%
  • Average Heals: 103.4
  • Revived: 115
  • Most Finishes: 18
  • Highest Damage: 2910

It is clearly visible that ScoutOP has played more matches as compared to Jonathan. Thus, he leads on a majority of the points such as Wins, Top 10, Finishes, Headshots, and much more.

Although, Jonathan leads in some major areas such as the F/D ratio, Win Ratio, Top 10 ratio, average damage, and much more. As these are just classic matches statistics, which does not affect the players. The matches are a part of some gameplays and rank push.

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