Jonathan Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 Stats, BGMI ID and Tier Overview

Jonathan Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 Stats, BGMI ID and Tier Overview

Jonathan Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 Stats, BGMI ID, and Tier Overview. Jonathan is among the best Indian BGMI players today, there’s no doubt about that. Jonathan Amaral is his full name. Presently, he uses NaughtyOrWhat on BGMI instead of his real name. Jonathan is one of the best gamers in the world.

Several Indian gamers challenge Jonathan, but they do not know his BGMI ID. If you do not have his ID, you cannot contact him. The Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile because of its security risks, but Jonathan achieved fame with the game.

In India, Krafton has released a version of the PUBG Mobile game called BGMI that is available on mobile devices. The best thing about BGMI is that you can migrate your PUBG Mobile data to BGMI. Jonathon had previously uploaded videos of himself playing PUBG Mobile to YouTube, but he has recently switched to the Indian version of the game after transferring his data.

Esports Journey of Jonathan

Jonathan’s YouTube channel states that he is only 18 years old. Jonathan has been associated with the TSM Entity. He has played for the same organization since he began his professional gaming career.

During his career, which has spanned several years, Jonathan has achieved many things domestically and internationally. BGMI ID 5112616229 belongs to Jonathan.

BGMI ID and Stats for Jonathan

BGMI ID for Jonathan is 5112616229

As of August 25th, 2021, Jonathan’s BGMI stats for the new C1S1 ranked season are as follows:

  • BGMI Id: 5112616229
  • Matches Played: 183
  • Wins: 28
  • Top 10: 101
  • Finishes: 1068
  • F/D Ratio: 5.84
  • HeadShots: 196
  • Headshots Percentage: 18.4%
  • Win Ratio: 15.3%
  • Top 10 ratio: 55.2%
  • Average Damage: 995.2
  • Accuracy: 13.9%
  • Average Heals: 141.2
  • Revived: 78
  • Most Finishes: 23
  • Highest Damage: 4156

Overview of the Jonathan Gaming Tier

Jonathan is ranked in Ace in the new C1S1 ranked season. Jonathan has not played any solo or duo matches. Due to these reasons, solo and duo modes are Bronze 1 and Silver 3 tiers, respectively.

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