JiDion is about to have his YouTube channel erased while being suspended for viewing gambling videos

JiDion is about to have his YouTube channel erased while being suspended for viewing gambling videos

JiDion, who is a very well-known YouTube streamer, appealed to the website to withdraw a strike from his account after it put him in a situation where the streamer is just one strike away from getting each one of his videos deleted.

The streamer asserts that the strike that was posed upon him is unreasonable since, even after displaying gambling-related material, he was seeing a film that opposed gambling and did not endorse or promote it to his viewers. JiDion displayed his strike statement dated August 15 and it was verified to be for “promoting gambling.”

The streamer stated, “I’ve never gambled in my life and the video I reacted to was a hit piece on why you shouldn’t gamble. Now my channel is one strike from almost getting deleted currently freaking out.”

JiDion immediately protested the strike, but based on a subsequent email, it appears that his earlier attempt to get the strike reversed was indeed ineffective.

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our sale of regulated goods policy, YouTube confirmed.

JiDion further tweeted, “Please @TeamYouTube, not once in this stream did I say gamble I’ve always been against it and the video I was watching was against gambling. I’ve never whined on Twitter but this is just a crazy 1 more strike and all my channels are gone.”

His expectations were raised when, having failed the first appeal in a short amount of time, YouTube replied to his latest Twitter post to say that the company was “looking into this.”

JiDion would merely need to stand in line until YouTube makes a choice at this time and comes up with an appropriate solution. If somehow the strike is sustained, he will be in a highly precarious position, and one further strike could conclude in the shutdown of his channel entirely.

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