Japan Revealed Largest Esports Park to Level Up Competitive Gaming Among Youth

Japan Revealed Largest Esports Park to Level Up Competitive Gaming

Thanks to video game icons like Super Mario and Zelda, Japan opened its largest Esports park on Wednesday, with the aim of developing into a professional gaming powerhouse capable of competing with China. The park, which spans three floors at the base of the iconic Tokyo Tower, features the most up-to-date motor racing, virtual reality, and gaming simulators, as well as an esports competition area.

According to Yasuo Hara, President of Tokyo Esports Gate, Japan’s Esports market is continually developing, but it is still small in contrast to other countries. They’re hoping to bridge the gap. The Red Tokyo Tower was designed by Yasuo Hara. They’re attempting to bridge the divide. “It’s still Donkey Kong country,” said Serkan Toto, founder of game industry consultancy Kantan Games, referring to the classic Nintendo platforming series. Japan Largest Esports Park

China is one of the most valuable gaming markets in the world. Several international firms are joining the market, either through the acquisition of shares in Chinese gaming vendors or through the sponsorship of professional players’ teams. The rapidly expanding popularity of eSports, a competitive element of the gaming business in which various players compete in gaming tournaments while the full game event is streamed online, is one of the key causes for the gaming industry’s rise in China.

Nintendo has a loyal fanbase in Japan for its Switch device even as Sony and Microsoft battle it out in Western markets with next-generation consoles.

The simplicity of Japanese esports contrasts with neighbouring South Korea and China, where the competitive power of teams is mirrored in multiplayer PC games like Riot’s “League of Legends.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of streaming on sites like Amazon’s Twitch acted as a tailwind for esports, with worldwide revenues estimated to be closer to $1.38 billion this year, according to Newzoo

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