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It Takes Two Surpassed Five Million Sales Mark Across PS5, Xbox and PC

It Takes Two Surpassed Five Million Sales Mark Across PS5, Xbox and PC Hazelight Studios

It Takes Two was widely praised by critics when it was released last March, even landing a spot on many end-of-year best-of lists in 2021; more than that, it’s continued to resonate with players, and developer Hazelight Studios has now announced the game has surpassed the five million sales mark across PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

If you’re unfamiliar, It Takes Two follows the adventures of Cody and May, a human couple on the verge of divorce who are forced to work together after being transformed into living dolls. In terms of gameplay, this translates to a wonderfully inventive split-screen platformer in which careful cooperation is essential. While Eurogamer’s Robert Purchase had reservations about the plot in his review, he was still captivated by its antics, calling it “a rare kind of co-op experience, with an energy, imagination, and playfulness that sometimes rivals Nintendo’s.”

The compulsory co-op game about two people struggling in their marriage has now surpassed 5 million sales across all platforms, according to a tweet by the developer Hazelight Studios. The last time Hazelight released sales figures for its game was in October when it reached 3 million units sold. This demonstrates that it has continued to sell well nearly a year after its initial release.

While Hazelight Studios announced that It Takes Two sold over a million copies in less than a month, it only grew in popularity after being featured in sales and on previously mentioned end-of-year award lists. A Steam Winter Sale that reduced the game’s price to half-price encouraged even more gamers to purchase it, resulting in a new personal record player count for It Takes Two early this year.

In terms of what’s next, Hazelight Studios has announced that it plans to adapt It Takes Two into a film and a TV series with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog’s writers. In addition, the video game studio is working on an unannounced follow-up project.

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