iShowSpeed apologizes after being called a “crypto scammer” by fans

iShowSpeed apologizes after being called a "crypto scammer" by fans

iShowSpeed apologizes after being called a “crypto scammer” by fans – The popular YouTuber and streamer iShowSpeed has expressed regret to his followers after being called a scammer for endorsing a cryptocurrency developed by London-based The Paradox Metaverse. Check out more details about the stream and scam.

Time and again iShowSpeed has been the center of multiple controversies. The recent cryptocurrency drama has raised a lot of eyebrows after he was accused of promoting a scam. IShowSpeed gained some attention for going to Manchester United games, but he also faced criticism for his stream on November 16 in which he promoted the cryptocurrency startup Paradox Crypto.

iShowSpeed apologizes after being called a “crypto scammer” by fans

During the stream, criticism of the company began to come, and the streamer allegedly edited away portions of the VOD that purportedly discussed the alleged “scam.” Later he changed his tone and apologized to his fans.

“Y’all don’t know what I do for y’all, bro,” Speed began. “Let me give out a quick little quote. I do so much stuff for y’all, bro. I made a mistake. You know, I’m not that smart, I’m gonna be honest. But as I go, I get smarter and smarter, bro. “I made a little mistake that I wish I never did, but I’m not a scammer, bro. (There’s not a) day in my life I would never scam you guys. Just remember that, bro… I care about you guys so freaking much. I love y’all so much, bro.”

The cryptocurrency has been referred to as an alleged rug-pull scam, which describes the inflation of a coin followed by the founders’ decision to either shut it down or completely withdraw from the project, taking the investors’ money with them. The players that win the coin will hope it increases in value so they can eventually win more money. However, if the currency fails or depreciates, its price will keep falling and investors will receive a negative return.

As the streamer recovers from a tense moment under scrutiny, Speed’s fan base appears to have so far accepted the apology.

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