Is Valorant Releasing on Console? Here is everything you need to know

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As we have seen in recent years, Riot Games is rapidly expanding into mobile gaming, releasing mobile versions of various games. But there are console gamers too, who are left behind without any official announcement about famous titles to be released on consoles.

Last year Riot Games launched VALORANT, a new FPS title for PC gamers. After the successful worldwide release of the game, fans started to ask for mobile and console versions of the game. The company has planned something different for the mobile gamers, as they released the mobile title of League of Legends,  one of the most famous video games in the world.

The launch of League of Legends Wild Rift paused the fan’s demand for VALORANT mobile for some time. LoL Wild Rift is currently available on the regional beta testing, there is no date for the global release of the game. Recently some leaks suggest that Riot Games is developing the mobile version of VALORANT. So what is Riot Games doing in terms of developing the console version of a famous fps game? Here is everything, we know about the VALORANT’s console version.


Riot Games has been previously discussed the console release of VALORANT but they have not shared any announcement regarding the version. Developers have been continuously working to find a way to make MOBA and auto battlers work smoothly on a controller. As we all know, Auto Chess already joined the PlayStation 4 and on the other hand LoL: Wild Rift is currently in the development process for Nintendo Switch.

Joseph Ziegler, Senior Game Director at Riot Games said last year,” While Riot Games are exploring other platforms like Mobile and Console, right now the team is working very hard to deliver an amazing experience on PC.”

Last year some data miners found the hidden files in the game’s codes which suggests that the console version of VALORANT is in development. There are numerous shooter games that have already joined the consoles such as Apex Legends and Overwatch. These games will give a strong competition to VALORANT’s console release.

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