Is EA server still down? Apex Legends and FIFA is facing server outrages

Is EA server still down? Apex Legends and FIFA is facing server outrages
Is EA server still down? Apex Legends and FIFA is facing server outrages

EA Games is currently experiencing server connectivity issues following previous outages on May 3rd also. The company has reported multiple spikes of reported outages on May 4th, including one between 5:30-6:30 am EST and a larger one around 9 am EST. These issues are causing disruptions for users trying to access EA Games’ services.

Reports began circulating in the early morning regarding issues with EA Games’ login functionality which was later recognized by EA themselves. A significant number of users reported being unable to log in to their accounts. These login problems coincided with errors affecting the launch of the game Jedi Survivor, which is potentially linked to wider network connectivity problems.

FIFA and Apex Legends players are unable to connect to EA servers

For the past few hours, FIFA 23 players worldwide have been experiencing difficulties accessing the game. Many players have reported being unable to connect to EA servers, citing this error as the reason for their inability to access the game. Apex Legends players are also facing similar issues and raising their voices on social media like Twitter.

Is the EA server issue fixed?

While the EA Help Twitter account announced on May 4, 2023, at approximately 9:00 am that Electronic Arts had resolved the server connectivity problems, many players are still unable to access their games, as evidenced by numerous responses to the tweet. This ongoing issue is causing frustration for affected players, who are eagerly awaiting a resolution from EA.

Players also complained about the screen getting stuck on Apex Legends’ opening theme/Animation. It looks like EA became too eager to announce the fix but ground reality still differs. Let’s hope we will soon get a chance to hop into the game soon after a real fix for this time.

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