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Iran prohibits Dota 2 amid unrest and demonstrations


Iran prohibits Dota 2 amid unrest and demonstrations- After the ongoing turmoil shaking the backbone of Iran with mob protests, the Republic of Iran is blocking internet access in the country to stop the chaos and yet we see another twist to the plot. Kamyab Trzrø, a well-known Dota player has confirmed the ban news of Dota 2 in all the regions of Iran.

Iran prohibits Dota 2 amid unrest and demonstrations

The Dota 2 gamer posted a message for his followers and for the world, which stated: “my death letter (probably).” The main theme that Kamyab tried to convey in his post is that this could be his last Dota 2 match ever, as he is very uncertain about his future in this particular gaming lobby due to the government’s strict policy.

Tizrø further informed about the prohibition of the Dota 2 by the government, and in addition there was a dramatic post by the gamer on the Dota 2 subreddit where he highlighted about the insight issues and scuffle that Iranian’s face in daily life as they attempt to ” take back the Iran we had 40 years ago.”

The incident and chaos rosed due to the shocking death of a young blood, Mahsa Amini, A 22-year-old beautiful women was dragged to the police station by the Iran’s “mortality police”. Later, in investigation it was found that Amini has contradicted the laws and regulations, where she committed a breach of strict hijab and dress code mandates of the Iranian government. Thus, following her shocking death the Iranian people gathered in the streets protesting against the vicious incident.

As a result, the Iran’s religious authorities are working overtime. These authorities have imposed their powers on the citizens who are into protests, public gatherings, futher they have disabled any sort of chat functionality, social platforms including messages and games too. This include the banning of Dota 2 as well. The government is doing its best to shut off all contact with the world outside.

Heading back to the history of Iran where, a combination of Islamic and Marxist groups overthrew the Iranian monarchy in 1979. Opposition to the government that had been imposed during the 1953 Iranian coup d’état served as a major motivator of the populace to support the revolution.

The present dictatorship is once more poised on the verge of rebellion. The banning of games may seem a minor issues for the Iranians in comparison to the other major factors that they are dealing in a regular basis, but however Tizrø’s words have given a room for the Dota 2 community in Iran to come forward and see through their naked eyes on the horrific state of the current situation.

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