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Iphone 11 Vs OnePlus8 pro: Which Device Is Best for Competitive Mobile Gaming?

One Plus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11

With regards to the gaming business, India is definitely not a well-known name, particularly in the reassure and PC section. Nonetheless, with regards to portable gaming, the nation has figured out how to be one of the top five countries on the basis of the number of clients.

The numbers are just increasing and probably the greatest given lately has been PUBG Mobile. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, which was initially a PC and console game, which was propelled on the versatile stage in March 2018. Within one year, the game assumed control over the world by storm.

Every new update is clinching through device specifications, which is leading the audience to go through new devices. Smartphone company makers are using this opportunity to present their best available technology to beat their competitors.

Today we are going to compare 2 best smartphone iPhone 11 vs Oneplus8 pro, which is a common dilemma among the players that which device they should opt for gaming. Which device will be the best for competitive gaming for the games like Pubg Mobile or Freefire?

Difference in Display and Weight

  • iPhone 11 offers you 6.1 ” (15.49 cm) display compared to Oneplus8 pro which provides 6.78 ” (17.22 cm).
  • iPhone 11 weighs only 194 grams while OnePlus 8 pro weighs around 200 grams, Lightweight devices has more advantage for Gyro Users, so this point must be noted by all  Gyroscope users in Pubg Mobile.

Those who understand the importance of peripheral vision in such games, Bigger Screen give you better. So as you can see in terms of display you have quite a greater advantage in OnePlus 8 pro than iPhone 11.

But point to remember the compact form factor will allow you to hold the phone more easily in the case of iPhone XR and for OnePlus 8 Pro, you might have to stretch the fingers a bit.

Difference in Resolution

  • iPhone 11 has a screen resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels while OnePlus 8 has 1440 x 3168 pixels.

Better Screen resolution means better penetration view and easy to spot an enemy in grass or smoke. Not to mention again Oneplus 8 pro is outperforming iPhone 11 in case of Screen Resolution.

RAM & Battery Performance

  • RAM offered by iPhone 11 is 4GB while Oneplus 8 pro is supported by 8GB RAM. Though there’s not much difference between the RAM’s performance of these phones.
  • Let see the battery performance, iPhone 11  has 3110 mAh battery while 4510 mAh battery is offered by Oneplus8 pro.

Price & Availability

You can get iPhone 11 (128 GB) at a price of somewhere  70K-75K INR, depends on offers and festive season. Available on


You can get Oneplus 8 pro (128 GB) at a price of somewhere  50K-60K INR, depends on offers and festive season. Available on



Although the operating system, camera quality and battery performance heavily influence the decision of purchasing any smartphone and iPhone has a clear advantage. As a gamer that objective is out of scope, our main concern about is the display, battery, performance quality between iPhone 11 and OnePlus 8 Pro with availability at a reasonable price. We can conclude that though iPhone 11 is more expensive than Oneplus 8 Pro. As compared to each other OnePlus 8 Pro features a far better display, Battery performance, Screen Resolution. But the iPhone 11 shows better results under long and rigorous gaming.

Ashish Jha
Passionate gamer and Programmer. Valorant is ❤️

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