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Innersloth Announces the Launch of New Map “Airship” in Among Us

Among Us

Innersloth studios the developers of an online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us has announced the launch of the new map “Airship“. It will be one of the biggest Among Us map to date.

Among Us was originally released back in 2018 by Innersloth which got a sudden boost during the pandemics of Covid-19 in 2020. The online multiplayer game has set new records of concurrent players and viewership. This sudden recognition encouraged the developers to work more on the game.

They announced a new version of the game with the name Among Us 2 which later got cancelled. Developers released a statement saying they will work on improving the current game with new maps and modes. Later in 2020, Innersloth announced a new map ‘Airship’ coming to Among Us. This map was previously scheduled to be available in February 2021, but after so much delay, it is finally coming into the game. Yesterday Innersloth announced that the Airship map will be available in the game later this month.

Players are waiting for the biggest map in the game to dupe, deceive, and lure crew members by becoming imposters.

release date

After a few months of the announcement, Innersloth finally released the date of the Airship map which will be releasing this month. Airship Map will be coming in the Among Us game on 31st March 2021.

Map update

Developers are ready to launch the fourth map of Among Us, where developers are working day to day for a surprise hit. Complete map breakdown is yet to come, but we got some name of the places on the map.

  • Cockpit
  • Security
  • Gap Room
  • Medical
  • Vault
  • Meeting Room
  • Brig
  • Cells
  • Main Hall
  • Engine Room
  • Records
  • Kitchen

Airship Map will hit Among Us on March 31, 2021, where it will likely receive a large number of players to make a trip back to Among Us.

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