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Indus Battle Royale Pre-registrations: Check out Pre-registrations Rewards

Indus Battle Royale Pre-registrations: Check out Pre-registrations Rewards

Indus Game Battle royale pre-registration is now live on the google play store, Developer Supergaming SG promised to reward all pre-registered users with different in-game cosmetics, as per the Indus battle royale users’ downloads milestone on the google play store. IOS users still have to wait until developers announced any update regarding pre-registration.  Indus Pre-registrations Rewards

Indus Game Pre-registrations Rewards Breakdown

  • 500K pre-registrations = glory frame reward, to look good outside the battlefield.
  • 1 million pre-registrations = Cosmium gun skin. For those with the power to let power go.
  • 2 million pre-registrations = mystery paragon skin. Surprise yourself and your enemies.

This game is set in the distant future where players will have to explore the origins of the planet Indus. This planet is said to be the home to the Yaksha, an ancient race that was the first ever intergalactic explorers.

Players will be jumping into the game as a ‘Mythwalker’. They are hunters looking for a rare resource called ‘Cosmium’. It is believed that this resource was the key to Yaksha’s advanced civilization. But an unknown tragedy befell the Yaksha and Indu’s planet was permanently covered by a mysterious mist-looking thing called ‘Nirvana’.

How to Pre-Register Indus Battle Royale?

You can follow these simple steps to pre-register for Indus Battle Royale on your phone or on a PC

  1. To pre-register for the game, visit the Google Play Store Link on your PC or mobile
  2. Or, open Google Play Store on your phone and search for “Indus Battle Royale” and you will see it. Check the developer name and it should be  “Super Gaming SG”.
  3. Now, click on the “Pre-Register” button. Tap on “Ok” on the pop-up that appears.

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