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Indonesian Minister seeks to ban Fortnite over misinformation to insult Muslims believes


Indonesian Minister seeks to ban Fortnite over misinformation to insult Muslim’s believes. Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, has announced that Fortnite must be banned owing to a map in the game in which players must destroy a structure that resembles a Muslim shrine. This was something he mentioned on Instagram.

According to Uno’s sources familiar with the game, there was an island in the “royal battle” where players were instructed to destroy a structure mimicking the Kaaba, Islam’s primary shrine, in order to obtain greater weaponry. Epic Games issued a statement claiming that the map was developed by the user and that the creators had no involvement with it.

According to the Fortnite creators, the minister was misinformed, and the structure cannot be destroyed. Indonesian Communications and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate expressed his intention to track down the gamer who created the island in reaction to Epic Games’ clarification.

In a statement, Sandiaga said “Fortnite is in direct opposition to noble ideals, particularly religious beliefs,” Sandiaga stated in a statement. “This has the potential to cause religious communities to act disrespectfully toward one another, as well as to inspire acts of violence.”

“As a result, I’ve instructed the team to conduct a review and issue an instant ban.” We’d also like to provide a cautionary warning to some game developers.”

Issue with Loki’s Skin

Fortnite players have already expressed dissatisfaction with Loki’s Marvel Comics costume. The character’s horns frequently overlap the target, which causes problems during matches. The Loki Skin was introduced on July 1st, and it was only available to Fortnite Squad subscribers. Loki’s Welcome Loading Screen, Loki’s Cloak Back Ornament, Loki’s Staff Pickaxe, Chitauri Chariot Hang Glider, and Loki’s Outfit.

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Epic Games Response

Epic Games, on the other hand, has refuted the notion, claiming that the structure cannot be demolished through gaming. Without a sure, Fortnite would never include such a feature in their game. In reaction to the uproar, Epic Games addressed its position on the matter on its Middle East Fortnite Facebook page on June 30.

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