“I never get called broke by Twitch trolls!” Amouranth perfectly shuts them down

"I never get called broke by Twitch trolls!" Amouranth perfectly shuts them down

“I’ve never been called broke by Twitch trolls” – Amouranth. A number of social media platforms have helped Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa grow her fan following. She is among the most successful personalities on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and OnlyFans. Although her content may seem controversial to some, Amouranth has a very supportive community despite all the hate. It does not matter how many internet trolls continue to diminish her work as long as she keeps streaming, secures her bag, and lets everyone know about it.

Why Amouranth flaunts her wealth? 

Internet personalities have never ventured far from the confines of the internet. Amouranth has expanded his Twitch audience to over 4.2 million viewers by pushing the limits of the platform, from ASMR to hot tub streams.

Despite all this fame, there are perks that come with it. Despite the fact that most people enjoy her content, there are those who try to knock her. The haters haven’t got a say in Amouranth’s recent stream, as she told them that her words are going to get out. I get called a lot of things both in-chat and off the platform: w****e, s**t, s***k, s**g, fat, stupid, ugly…but did you know what they never call me Broken! “, the streamer shot back.

“I never get called broke by Twitch trolls!” Amouranth perfectly shuts them down. According to Amouranth, she has been called these hurtful things because of Twitch as well as other social media platforms, but she does not seem to be bothered because no one has ever said she is broke. Amouranth says that she will look on the bright side despite all the insults and derogatory names she has been called.

She makes so much money off of her fan base that she seems not to even notice these trolls, even though they can be annoying. Her content earns her 1.3 million dollars a month, with the majority coming from her OnlyFans page, which she revealed earlier this year. Finally, Amouranth gets the last laugh because she has made tons of money doing what others dread doing: She is enjoying what she does since she doesn’t care what others think about her.

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