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How to win at Rainbow Six Siege: 5 Multiplayer Tips and tricks

How to win at Rainbow Six Siege: 5 Multiplayer Tips and tricks

Tom Clancy gives first-person shooter lovers a good time battling with different operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Of course, you’ll do lots of gunning and running if you must beat the odds.

This article will share 5 pro tips that you can apply to hit enviable wins in this popular multiplayer game. But before then, get some R6 Hacks from Battlelog. With these undetected hacks, you’ll have an additional advantage over your opponents.

Multiplayer tips and tricks to help you win Rainbow Six Siege

  • Use pre-match warm-ups to prepare

Even physical matches require that athletes or players do some warm-up exercises before the actual match. Likewise, it’s of great benefit to stretch those thumbs before entering your main game. Luckily, Rainbow Six Siege also has a stage that allows you to warm up before your game.

Here, we’re talking about Terrorist Hunt. The Terrorist Hunt is a PVE mode available in the game. In Terrorist hunt matches, you’re set in matches with AIs as your opponents. The AIs are very suitable for sharpening your shooting accuracy and bagging some headshots. The heat from this mode will give you the drive needed for your actual online match.

  • Walls are not effective covers. 

Many players rely on walls as very effective protection. That’s true, but only in part. If you’ve spent ample time playing Rainbow Six Siege, then the chances are that you’ve had an encounter where an opponent broke through a wall behind you. That’s no cheat, man; it’s as real as it appeared.

You can also use this possibility to your advantage. However, note that some structures are more difficult to destroy than others, so know where to take chances. You can break through doors and barricades by simply shooting at them or using a grenade. You can also use your rifle’s barrel to break down weaker walls.

  • Make effective use of traps.

Most times, the difference between you and whoever killed you in your last game is who played smart. Being smart can save you a lot of time and effort – traps are the best way to do this. Using traps, you can increase the number of kills to your name without exposing yourself to danger. In R6, characters have unique abilities, including some that can be used as traps.

Some notable traps are possessed by Kapkan and Frost, and they are the bear Entry Denial device and bear trap, respectively. Frost, for example, has bear traps that can be mounted behind doors or at the tops of the staircases. The bear trap’s victim is automatically downed or killed (if he’s the last man on his team).

  • Know your chosen operator

You cannot get a win if you don’t know how to maximize your operator’s full potential. More importantly, your choice of an operator depends on whether you’re in the attacking or defending team. A quick tip, you should also discover which operators have abilities that best compliments your operator’s abilities.

For example, Thatcher will easily disarm Kapkan’s traps and similar gadgets with Hibana or Thermite on his team. Also, Thatcher’s abilities him up as a great attacker operator. If you’re playing on the defending team, some of our favorite picks include Pulse, Caveira, Lesion, and Kapkan.

  • Drones are indispensable for your attacker team.

We guess you already knew this before now: Rainbow Six Siege divides players into attackers and defenders. Intelligence is a vital tool if you and your attacking team must function effectively in this multiplayer. You and your squad members can use security cameras to spy on the objective room.

Drones are also essential tools that can be useful in gathering vital information about the objective’s location. Don’t be like many players who discard their first drone after starting their attack. By pressing A along with the directional button on your pad, you can continue using your previous drone instead of launching a second one.


Winning in Rainbow Six Siege can be a walkover as opposed to popular belief. All it takes is the right application of the right information. Good knowledge of your operator will allow you to maximize its potential to the fullest. 

That done, play smart by making strategic use of traps. To avoid lazying around in the game, we recommend that you use the Terrorist Hunt mode to get those fingers battle-ready. Lastly, utilize walls and drones to your advantage; they can make all the desired difference.

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