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How to Unlock Wukong For Free – League of Legends: Wild Rift Guide


Riot Games have launched their next hero in the League of Legends: Wild Rift. The next champion added to the list is ‘Wukong‘ a fighter from Ionia. With the addition of Wukong to the champions list, there are officially 50 champions that could be played by the players.

Wukong is a vastayan trickster who uses his strength, agility, and intelligence to confuse his opponents and gain the upper hand. After finding a lifelong friend in the warrior known as Master Yi, Wukong became the last student of the ancient martial art known as Wuju. Armed with an enchanted staff, Wukong seeks to prevent Ionia from falling to ruin.

Being a hero with fighter abilities, Wukong is majorly played in the top lane. Here is the list of abilities of this champion.

  • Stone Skin (Passive) – He gains stacking armour and max health regeneration while fighting champions and monsters.
  • Crushing Blow (Q) – Wukong’s next attack gains attack range, deals bonus damage and reduces the target’s armour for a few seconds.
  • Warrior Trickster (W) – Wukong becomes Invisible and dashes in a direction, leaving behind a clone that will attack nearby enemies.
  • Nimbus Strike (E) – He dashes to a targeted enemy and sends out images to attack enemies near his target, dealing damage to each enemy struck.
  • Cyclone (R) – Wukong’s extends his staff and spins it around repeatedly, gaining Movement Speed. Enemies struck take damage and are knocked up.

How to unlock Wukong for free

With the launch of the champion, Riot Games have announced Wukong’s Challenge for the players to unlock for free. The event will run from December 25th, 2020 / 00:00 UTC and End on January 1st, 2021 / 00:00 UTC.

The players are provided with a list of seven missions to unlock Wukong as a reward. Below is the list of mission that the players need to complete in a specified time.

  1. Fight Me! – Deal 50,000 damage to enemy champions – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  2. Discipline and Patience – Win 3 games OR Play 3 games with at least one Ionian champion on your team – 2 XP Boosts (Reward)
  3. Monkey See, Monkey Do – Get 30 takedowns OR Perform 25 knock-ups on enemy champions – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  4. Stop and Think – Kill 6 elemental drakes as a team OR Play 2 games as a fighter champion – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  5. Master and Student – Play 5 games OR Win a game with Master Yi on your team – 50 Poro Coins (Reward)
  6. Seeing Double – Play 5 games OR Win a game with a Vastayan champion(NamiAhri, or Wukong) on your team – 150 Blue Motes (Reward)
  7. A Difficult Lesson – Place or destroy 25 wards – Wukong (Reward)

Wukong is also available with two great skins, Volcanic Wukong and General Wukong. You can directly unlock the champion by purchasing it from the champion’s store.

Ayush Hemdan
Yush is an engineer, gamer, esports enthusiast and a writer by hobby. He has been following esport gaming from a couple of years making him immensely knowledgeable in this field.

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    1. Where are these 25 wards ???

      1. Wards are the basic vision control elements which are used to reduce the fog of war. You can find it at the top right side of the screen ingame.

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