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How to set up DOTA 2 to play as a pro player

How to set up DOTA 2 to play as a pro player

Dota 2 matches have come up with many different settings that give players the ability to control their character, units, buildings, etc. All of them are placed in a special section. It presents several tabs with different settings. The correct settings will help improve dota 2 scores.

Control settings

You should configure all the control keys. These are presented in the tab with the appropriate name “Controls.” It consists of many sections with different characters and settings. We suggest you read about all of them in more detail.


Each hero has its own set of abilities placed on a special panel at the bottom of the screen. You can use them all by using the keys that have been configured in your settings. Let’s start with the fact that there are 3 types of using skills in the game:

  • You will need to click on the configured key, point the mouse on the target, and click the right mouse button to apply the ability.
  • Quick (quick casts). This option is faster because, in this case, you don’t need to right-click the mouse to use the ability. It is enough to point the mouse on the target and click on the skill with the appropriate key.
  • The ability is enabled when you click on the critical intuitive application (activated immediately on readiness). However, this option is not suitable for all skills.
  • Note! To get the ability to choose the type of ability used, go to “advanced settings” and activate the “advanced quick/automatic use” option.
  • Also, note an “Individual Control Settings” item in the settings. In this case, it is proposed to configure the keys separately for each hero.

Separate control settings

As for what keys to choose to use the abilities, then, in this case, you can act on your own. However, most experienced players prefer to configure the keys with the letters “Q, W, E, D, F, R.”


In Dota 2 there are a lot of action items, which can be used in the same way as the abilities. And for them, too, there is a fast and everyday use (we recommend leaving some inventory cells with regular service because some items can not be used with the quick casts).

Items are usually configured with the keys at the very bottom of the keyboard (Z, X, C, V, B, and Space). Also, some professional players set them to numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). You can try any of these options and decide which one is most convenient.

Unit Actions

This section will find the basic settings to control your character. If you regularly follow Dota 2 schedule and watch professional matches, you’ve probably seen how effectively players play. We suggest you read more about each of the items:

  • Select hero. This setting allows you to move the camera to your hero with a single click on a unique key. Most often, this is done by pressing the “F1” button.
  • Select all your units. This setting is most commonly used on heroes with sumos and illusions. It allows you to take control of all your summoned creatures at once with a single button press.
  • This allows you to deny creeps, towers, and allies and hit the specified area. The “A” key is usually selected for this purpose.
  • Hold Position. This key cancels the current action and stops your hero. The default setting is the “H” key, which many players use.

The presented keys are essential and are very often used in the game. So, it is recommended to set them conveniently to control your hero without any problems.


This section contains all the additional settings presented in the “Controls” section. We suggest familiarizing yourself with them in more detail:

  • Here you can find 3 critical items that will help you quickly purchase items and deliver them to your character. Among them is Select Courier – we recommend setting the “F2” key; Courier – return items – usually choose the “F3” key; Quick Buy – choose any convenient key.
  • This section contains many settings for text and voice chat and memorable phrases and shout-outs. We recommend that you customize all of these buttons to your liking.
  • There are 3 settings available here: Capture Camera – a useless function, which usually no one uses; Counting table – you can leave the default setting; Pausing – we leave the default setting “F9”.
  • Supervised groups. This section is recommended to configure if you want to play heroes with sumos. Then you will be able to make separate keys for each controlled group. We suggest just setting up the Follow Unit key (usually select the “TAB” key).
  • In principle, all keys included in the above settings can be left with the default settings. But if you want, you can change them to be more convenient for your values.

Advanced settings

There is a tab “Advanced Settings” in the “Management” section, where several more areas with additional settings are available. Among them, we recommend paying attention to the following items:

  • Cancel current action. An essential key that allows you to cancel the cast of ability or teleport quickly. You can also use it to stop creeps or other heroes. Most commonly, players adjust this setting with the “S” key.
  • Reinforce Buildings. This key automatically turns on the “glyph” (invulnerability for your buildings). You can add any convenient button here.
  • This button allows you to activate the taunt your character is wearing. This is an optional setting so that you can set it to any key.

Also, it is recommended to look at the “Other” section and check all items except “Classic Layout” and “Camera Capture.”

Game Settings

Above, we reviewed all the basic settings needed to control your character and controllable units and buildings. Now we suggest you get acquainted with the additional settings that will make the game in Dota 2 even more comfortable. All of them are presented in the “Settings” section and are divided into the following areas:

  • The auto-attack settings are at the very beginning of this section (it is recommended to put “Standard”). Also, there are several items, among which we recommend selecting all except: “Auto Select summoned creatures” and “Stop abilities by separate key” (these settings can prevent you during dota 2 matches).
  • This section recommends disabling all items except the first, as they will only get in the way during dota 2 matches. Also, here you can adjust camera movement speed (choose the value at your discretion).
  • Mini-map. Here are the different settings for the mini-map, which is available during the game. It is recommended to configure them as you will be comfortable.
  • At the very beginning of this section, you can select the interface language in the game. Next, we recommend enabling all items, as they will give helpful information when you hold down the Alt key during dota 2. And at the bottom of this section can choose settings at your discretion.
  • Advanced settings. In this section, there are a lot of advanced settings available. All of them are chosen by the players individually. We only recommend the inclusion of the following items: Games without groups when role searching – be sure to turn it on if you are playing alone; Display network information – this item will turn off the panel showing FPS and ping; Overall windows when a game is found – this setting will allow you always to accept the found game in time.

This is the end of all the basic settings of the gameplay in Dota 2. Also, note that there are additional tabs with different chat, graphics, and sound settings. You can use them anytime by clicking on the gear icon button in the main menu or during dota 2 matches.

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