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Ubisoft Upcoming Mobile Game “The Division Resurgence” Might Surpass PUBG Mobile, Register for Alpha Test


Ubisoft has officially revealed the name of its new mobile game following months of leaks and discussions on online forums. And based on what we currently know, it could very well be the next game to seriously challenge PUBG. Let’s go over everything from the official announcement now and see what to anticipate. Fortunately, a closed alpha will be available soon. It is currently open for registration. It might answer some nagging queries concerning the nature and subject matter of the game. The Division Resurgence

You may view the announcement trailer that Ubisoft kindly provided above. Even while the video is only a little over a minute long, it does include actual gameplay so you can see the high-quality graphics the game is promoting. We’re essentially back in New York from the first game, where this future release will hopefully elaborate on the events of the first two games. So once more, as a member of the Strategic Homeland Division, it will be your responsibility to safeguard the city’s citizens.

The four agent classes that have been revealed so far by the devs are sufficient to accommodate the majority of gaming philosophies. However, following the release, we might see new agent classes. Both solo and co-op play options will be available in The Division Resurgence within the same story-based storyline. You’ll be able to gain unique load-outs as the game goes on, including additional tools, tools, abilities, and more.

The Division Mobile Release Date:

We do not currently aware of when Division Mobile will launch. We anticipate a release date sometime around the beginning of 2023 because a closed alpha is anticipated to go live soon. Division Mobile appears to be released in March 2022 since both Division and Division 2 were released in March.

How to Signup for Closed Alpha Test:

Right now, you can use this link to sign up for the closed alpha. Once there, you can select the platform of your choosing by clicking. You will need to sign an NDA in order to participate in the closed alpha, thus guaranteeing that you won’t distribute the video evidence of these trials. Players will test the game after the closed alpha launch and report any flaws or problems they encounter. This will be a crucial step in the Division Mobile process. In a few months, an open beta is probably going to come after this. The Division Resurgence

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