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How To Play PUBG Mobile X Metro Exodus New Mode, Update 1.1

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On 11th November, the new PUBG Mobile 1.1 update has arrived in the global version. Which introduced a new mode ‘Metro Royale’ in-game as a part of the partnership/collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus.

Since the mode is announced in the beta version of the game, all players are excited about the new collaboration. Metro Royale is a different type of battle royale mode which have an entirely different lobby.

Today we will talk about the features and how to win in Metro royale mode.

By clicking on the metro tunnel in the main menu, players can enter in the new battle royale mode. The main goal in the match is to collect, loot and reach to the returning points within a specific time and reach the lobby without being killed. If you get killed in the match you will lose all your loot which was collected in the match. After returning in the lobby you can exchange the loots for Metro cash which can be used to redeem the rewards.

You can just click on the start and hop into the Metro royale, where you have 30 mins to loot as much stuff as you can without getting killed else you will lose all loot except your Armor and guns.


The player needs to set up Its loadout before jumping into the match. You should be aware of the monsters who are found in tunnels and some time in the jungle. You can loot your enemy to get some good guns and Metro currency. The player can also buy the high-level armours or guns of his/her choice from the shop using Metro cash which is available in the Metro Royale mode.

If you are looking on how to finish the Metro Royale mode, there is no such way. The main motive of this mode is to loot the items and return to the lobby without getting killed. The return point will be active for some time, you can see the timer on the map side. You need to finish the loot in each game and return successfully in the lobby. If you get engaged with the enemies it’s better to kill and loot them.

Also, some new gear has been added in the Metro Royale mode, which can buy from the shop by Metro Cash. New Gear includes Heavy Armor, Thermal Sight and Tikhar Rifle.

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