How to Get a Head Start on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

How to Get a Head Start on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 is out and already a firm favorite with football fans across the globe. EA Sports flagship title is enjoying a challenge-free season, with PES undergoing a major rebrand and the new hopeful for the crown, UFL, yet to be released. When Konami sort out their horrible new title, eFootball, perhaps FIFA will have to up their game. UFL, set to release soon, according to IGN, may blow the football video game market apart, but the world is full of maybes and what-ifs. For now, FIFA is the champion of football games.

That means a year of fans buying into their Ultimate Team mode, known as FUT. The mode might be a little daunting for those who are new to FIFA 22, driven there by the lack of rivals. You can’t just build a team full of world stars; as Bwin Sports explains, you start with a limited balance of coins, and adding to those coins is not easy. That is compounded by being new to the game – you won’t be competitive and might find progress hard.

If that’s you, and you’re still committed to building a strong FUT team, then here are a few handy hints to follow.

Squad Battles

There are a few game modes to play, but for a newcomer not willing to be beaten regularly by other players, the squad battles mode is a great place to start. It presents you with four opponents daily, of varying skill and chemistry, to play in one player action. The rewards are modest for your efforts, but playing squad battles is a great way to boost your coins and unlock some packs in the early stages. Who knows what you might find in there; squad battle players have reported finding Neymar and Ronaldo this season already, and selling those players means a huge bump in your coins.

Squad Building Challenges

These challenges require you to build a squad of players to certain criteria, such as Bayern Munich players or a La Liga XI. Early on, you may not be able to afford such players for your actual squad, but as the weeks progress, you’ll find cards piling up in your squad, and these are a great place to use them. On Thursday, the game releases its Marquee Matchups, which ask you to build a squad of players based on the biggest games of the weekend. If you can predict those games accurately, you can buy up players Monday to Wednesday and sell at a profit on Friday.

Heavy Trading

You can quickly trade your way to a healthy coin balance if you’re savvy. Many players use the FIFA 22 market but only buy using the fixed Buy It Now (BIN) price. Here’s where you can make a profit. Look for players between 6,000 and 15,000 in value, and use the filter to find the lowest BIN price. Then, search the same player but by the lowest price, not the lowest BIN, which will often be much lower. Bid on anywhere there’s a big difference, you’ll only win a handful, but those players can then be sold at the BIN price and turn a profit.

Win Games

The best way to improve your squad is to win games against other players, so if you don’t want to waste your valuable gaming time on SBCs and trading, just practice as much as you can. That’s the main way people improve, but the other little tricks can give you a serious helping hand.

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