Esports Recognized in India: Check How Industry Experts React to Esports Recognition

Esports Recognized in India: Check How Industry Experts React to Esports Recognition

Esports Recognized in India: Check How Industry Experts React to Esports Recognition – The Indian government has officially recognized esports in the country. Esports will now come under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports  “multisports event” category in India, while MeitY has introduced a section for “matters relating to online gaming.”. Since the announcement, reactions have been flowing in from several sections of the industry. Here are a few of them.

Talking about how monumental this decision is for the country’s Esports community ` Shiva Nandy, Founder, and CEO of, Skyesports said,

“The inclusion of Esports under the Government of India (Allocation of Business Rules) is a big step to the widespread acceptance of the industry.  It is also a very positive sign towards the growth of Indian Esports and for a medal-winning approach. Furthermore, the GOI has displayed an understanding of what Esports is by allocating it to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. I’m confident that in the coming years we will be able to create an ecosystem where we can train young talent for esports just like we do for other sports.” 

Meanwhile, a prominent figure in the scene, Mr. Animesh Agarwal, founder & CEO, of 8bit Creatives & an ex-esports athlete, says, “

The entire Esports fraternity in India will be rejoicing with this welcome news which has certainly been a result of the gaming community’s collective efforts spanning over the last few years. Esports have already been considered as a medal sport in the Olympics and Asian games and this news will further boost the sport in the country as it was long overdue. The industry inclusive of developers, players and creators as a whole is growing at a fast pace and to come full circle this recognition will be very thriving for the industry.

At 8Bit Creatives & S8UL, this is a defining moment for us. The future of Indian esports holds great things from our side. We are committed to nurturing and supporting more and more esports players in our country, starting from ground zero with a refined vision of putting India on the map globally”

“While this is a great first step by the Indian government, it’s important to take cognizance of the nuances that could emerge from this statement. The insertion of “e-Sports as part of multi-sports events” needs to be closely examined so as not to exclude popular esport titles that are not directly linked to a traditional sport. Games like Valorant, Dota 2, and those created by Indian game developers should also have the opportunity to be classified as esports, and their players as athletes.” said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director, of NODWIN Gaming.”

Esports are probably going to see a lot more investment and growth in India because of the size of the nation. It has already demonstrated its ability to compete on a worldwide scale, and significant companies in the gaming and esports sectors have started to invest heavily in it. In the upcoming years, it’s possible that we’ll see players from a large portion of India competing in events thanks to the efforts of the Esports Federation of India and government-level intervention.

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