How Does Team of the Week Work on FIFA 22?

How Does Team of the Week Work on FIFA 22?

EA Sport’s FIFA franchise is the most popular sports game globally; it’s sold over 325 million copies across all platforms in the last ten years. The latest iteration of the game, FIFA 22, continues to smash records.

There were over 9 million recorded players within weeks of its release, and although there is a raft of game modes available for players to enjoy, it’s FIFA Ultimate Team, which is also known as FUT, which is arguably the most popular game type amongst players. To demonstrate how popular it’s been, Engadget reported EA made as much as $3,000 per minute (₹225,159) from FUT in 2021. FIFA 22

What is FUT?

FUT is a mode that allows gamers to create their dream squad of players from a database of over 10,000 real-life footballers, then take them to the pitch online or offline. Upon completing their matches, depending on your skill level and success, gamers are rewarded with FUT coins, an in-game currency that players can use to buy packs of cards that result in more players you can pick to play with on the pitch. These packs are filled with a random assortment of players of varying abilities, and naturally, gamers want the best in their squad to give them the highest chance of success. Player cards can also be bought and sold individually on the transfer market with FUT coins, although their values differ depending on their abilities and an overall rating out of 100. But in short, the better your team, the better your chances of getting that last-minute winner.

Which are the best players to get?

The game is updated every week, with players from the real football world who are in good form for their clubs chosen to have special cards in their name. These unique items named ‘Team of the Week’ (TOTW), have their stats boosted, meaning they’re in demand. There are 23 released each week, and they’re chosen based on goals scored, assists, tackles and saves made, and their performance overall, but, notably, a player doesn’t even have to be on a winning side to be included. Take Bruno Fernandes in week 18, for example. His Manchester United side is well outside the list of favorites for the Premier League with Ladbrokes, and they only drew 2-2 with Aston Villa, but Fernandes got an in-form card with an 89-rating for his solo display. Fernandes’ regular card, has lower speed attributes and his shooting is weaker, as well as his vision and passing. Overall, while his regular card in comparison to the upgraded Team of the Week card isn’t vastly different, it’s enough for the item with the boosted attributes to cost three times that of the standard variant.

Are only the top players included?

Any player who features on the database of FIFA can be chosen for the Team of the Week if their actual on-pitch performance is deemed good enough. So, regularly players from outside of the top divisions do feature in the Team of the Week, which means fans from all clubs included in FUT may see their heroes in teams alongside the likes of Fernandes.

Do I need Team of the Week players to win

Whilst the players who feature in the Team of the Week are statistically better than those in the regular selection, not owning them isn’t a barrier to success. As with any game, it comes down to the skill of you as a player. However, a helping hand (or boot) never harmed anyone! FIFA 22

If you enjoyed our look at the Team of the Week players and want to get involved in FUT, you can play FIFA on all major consoles and on PC, and it’s also just released on mobile platforms. So, you can hit the back of the net no matter where you are.

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