How Can the eSports Industry Do More to Attract Female Players and Viewers?

How Can the eSports Industry Do More to Attract Female Players and Viewers?

The eSports industry is spreading throughout mainstream culture like wildfire, with revenue topping $1 billion in 2021. On this trajectory, there’s a strong chance that competitive gaming could one day overtake traditional sports.

With this kind of power, the industry should aim to do things differently. Some of the world’s biggest sports have always been dominated by men, and only recently have moves been made to improve women’s offerings. Esports should address this issue before they get too big. Industry heavyweights need to seek ways to market to more women.

Esports Industry is Dominated by Men

While eSports has shown diversity, it is still dominated by men. Indeed, it was found that female viewership was around the 30 percent mark in 2019, and female gamers made up approximately 20 percent of the overall play base.

When it comes to competitive gaming, there is no need for men and women to be divided as they are in physical sports. So, there is no reason for there to be such a vast difference between male and female players.

Looking at the overall figures for gaming, women make up just under half of all global players at around 45 percent. This clearly doesn’t add up and doesn’t explain why they are so underrepresented in eSports.

Diversity is Key

The main reason why there are more males than females in eSports could be down to the most popular games being played in the industry may just attract that audience. The most popular eSport in the world is League of Legends, and 82 percent of these players are male. Businesses and event organizers in the eSports sector should try to promote more games that women play, as well as conducting reviews on how they recruit competitive players, to ensure that the pool of candidates has more diversity.

Examining other areas of gaming where female players are abundant could be key to doing this. In the online bingo sector, for example, female players are in the majority, historically speaking. Operators have managed to appeal to people of all ages as well, and this has been achieved through diversification.

For example, there are slot games on offer alongside the bingo options that appeal to many audiences. Fluffy Favourites is one title that attracts people in search of fluffy wins, and it provides a slightly different playing experience to traditional bingo. Equally, this game puts an emphasis on appealing to all audiences. As many iGaming operators have discovered, taking a two-pronged approach by offering games that appeal to all audiences, and reaching out to discover new players, means that you will have the best chance of forming a sense of community with a diverse makeup.

More Female Role Models Needed

Another way to get more women involved in eSports is to promote a greater number of female role models. This could bring about up-and-coming players who aspire to be like their heroes.

There are already a few well-known women in the industry that could inspire young women to get involved. These include Sasha Hostyn, otherwise known as Scarlett, and Catherine Gunn who goes by the name of Mystik. They have made names for themselves playing StarCraft II and Dead or Alive 4 respectively.

The good news is that female playing figures are on the rise each year, and more women around the world are getting into professional gaming. With these sports being virtual, gender shouldn’t be an issue. This means there should be an even split between men and women in the business.

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