HasanAbi shares an opinion on Kai Cenat controversy


HasanAbi shares an opinion on Kai Cenat controversy- Hasan “HasanAbi” and other Twitch streamers have shared their opinions on Kai Cenat’s response to his recent controversy. The streamer responded to what happened in a very thoughtful and methodical manner.

Jovi Pena, an influencer reported that she had been sexually assaulted at Kai Cenat’s party on January 7, 2023. She added that when she contacted the Twitch streamer, he did not reply. The streamer himself claims that it was because he was seeking legal counsel and had reported the incident to the police. 

HasanAbi shares an opinion on Kai Cenat controversy

Recently, HasanAbi gave a brief explanation of his thoughts on it to his viewers during a livestream, says, “Stop attempting to farm clips off of it.”

Following Kai Cenat’s reply to Jovi, HasanAbi commented that the response to Jovi Pena from Kai Cenat on Twitch was “not good.” Hasan acknowledged that he didn’t know Kai very well and said that from what little he had seen of him, he didn’t seem to be a nasty guy. However, in Hasan’s opinion, this was a poor reaction.

The streamer said that Jovi Pena also had a rape kit made in reaction to the alleged assault and that Kai Cenat was sitting on the fence in the centre when there was a known offender. According to Hasan Abi, providing care for the victim should come first before making your own comment and sharing your point of view.

Although HasanAbi made it clear that this was only his viewpoint, it didn’t seem that Kai Cenat showed any genuine concern or support for the attack victim, choosing to keep quiet instead. Several Redditors weren’t focused on the content creator’s response, but rather wondered why Kai Cenat published his opinion on the matter.

A number of Reddit users concurred with the Twitch streamer, believing that Kai Cenat could have easily offered some words of encouragement while also indicating that he was investigating the situation with the authorities rather than the offering he made.

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