Hasan Abi on Hogwarts Legacy boycott: “ It’s so meaningless in the grand scheme of things”

Hasan Abi on Hogwarts Legacy boycott: “ It’s so meaningless in the grand scheme of things”

Hasan Abi on Hogwarts Legacy boycott: “ It’s so meaningless in the grand scheme of things” Twitch streamer Hasan Abi has opened up about the recent boycott trend around the latest fps title Hogwarts Legacy. He specifically pointed out that despite such outrage, the game will receive the appropriate attention that it deserves.

Over the past few years, the author of Harry Potter has been charged with making numerous transphobic remarks. As a result, many people have used Twitch to declare their intention to boycott the game and any other project that features Rowling. But this hasn’t discouraged others to stream the game, attracting incredible amounts of Twitch viewers, even breaking the previous record for the most-watched category of a single-player game.

Hasan Abi on Hogwarts Legacy boycott

The boycott trend is taking an ugly shape as many who are streaming the game have been trolled or inappropriately called out. High-profile streamers like xQc and Asmongold have been extremely offended by this boycott, which has included harassing streamers in their chat. Hasan has since detailed on his stream why he thinks the boycott of the game will be ineffective.

“Where you’re coming from, when you feel like a lot of people don’t give a s*** about you. When you’re like what the f***? We just don’t want people to play this one f****** game, and we’re asking.”

“What many do not recognize is, make a better ask. That’s the thing because the demand is so marginal and so silly that most people go ‘no what the f*** are you talking about?’”


Despite having sympathy for those who are boycotting the game, Hasan indicated that he doesn’t think their efforts would succeed. ‘That’s just it because it’s so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. It is. So the very fact that you’re asking for such a tiny thing in and of itself, is perhaps half the reason people are not taking it seriously.”

Hasan did comment further, explaining the other half of the reason why the boycott will fail in his eyes. “The other half is because, and this is the sad and scary state of affairs, is that people don’t care about trans people.”

One aspect of justifying the boycott points at the protest for discouraging transphobic comments. However, this simply shouldn’t disrupt the effort behind the game which has no direct connection to such comments.

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