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Gunz Esports Wins the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia 2020

PMSC 2020

After the three days of an intense battle between best 16 teams of the middle east region. PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia: 2020 concluded with Gunz Esports as the winner of the event. Gunz Esports had secured the top position in the leaderboard with 165 Points. The team also has won $40,000 USD as the prizemoney. Rico Infinity Team and FRAG Machines secured 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

PMSC Arabia 2020 was the third edition of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge featuring a massive prize pool of $100,000 USD. In this event best teams from the Middle East region participated, this was one of the biggest tournament for the region in 2020. Last year PUBG Mobile Star Challenge had the 16 elite teams from all around the world with 16 invited content creators across the world. Due to Pandemic effect of Covid-19 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia 2020 had been held online from 24-26 December 2020. Unlike the last two years’ competition,  we have seen teams from Middle East region only in PMSC 2020.

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Let’s take a look at the overall standings of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia 2020:

  • Gunz Esports – 165 Points
  • Rico Infinity Team – 150 Points
  • FRAG Machines – 130 Points
  • IRAQI ELITE – 120 Points
  • Yalla Esports – 108 Points
  • ARAB GSG – 97 Points
  • FATE Esports – 93 Points
  • HeadQuarters – 88 Points
  • NASR Esports – 79 Points
  • SAROK TEAM – 76 Points
  • The Spark Esports – 71 Points
  • Sudor Esports – 57 Points
  • The Force – 52 Points
  • Osh-Tekk Warriors – 50 Points
  • SNP Clan – 44 Points
  • Badinan Squad – 33 Points

Although, Gunz esports won the challenge but the maximum number of team kills were secured by the number 2nd positioned team, Rico Infinity Team.

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