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GTA Online : Los Santos Tuner Update Live now, Enjoy new Cars , New Racing and Many More

GTA Online : Los Santos Tuner Update Live now, Enjoy new Cars, racing
GTA Online : Los Santos Tuner Update Live now, Enjoy new Cars, racing

GTA Online: Los Santos Tuner Update Live now, Enjoy new Cars, New Racing, and Many More. The latest update to GTA Online Los Santos Tuners is available today, July 20, and vehicle lovers can’t wait to see what’s new. The LS Car Meet, which is held at the old warehouse in Cypress Flats, is one of the most significant features in this current Los Santos Tuners update. The most popular video game franchise is Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 6, will be released soon. With over 120 million copies sold, it is the world’s second best-selling game.

This latest update adds new races to engage in and new social space: the LS Car Meet, in addition to several new vehicles to purchase. As if that weren’t enough, you’ve also started a new business venture. There are now five different auto shop locations to purchase, each of which unlocks “mini-heist” tasks all across town.

GTA Online: Las Santos Tuner Update: What To Expect From This Update?

  • LS Car Meet

Players must spend GTA $50,000 to become a member of LS Car Meet, after which they will have access to all of LS Car Meet’s benefits. Players will have access to Test Track, a massive basement track located within the Car Meet warehouse, as well as a new reputation level with additional perks. Members of the LS Car Meet will also have access to two types of races held throughout the city: the Street Race Series and the Pursuit Series. Members can also gain Rep through winning races, placing in the Test track time standings, and logging in on a daily basis. This earning rep will enable the individual advance in rank and unlock numerous car personalization options.

  • New Races and Contracts
In the Los Santos Tuners update, you can check out a variety of races, including Head-to-Head, Scramble, and Time Trials in the Test Track. You can also participate in the new Street Race and Pursuit Series, as well as open-road Sprint races.
The Street Race will include a track layout, while Pursuit will have you being pursued by the Los Santos Police Department as you drive throughout the city. In sprint races, four players must travel to a certain place before returning.
  • GTA Online: Las Santos Tuner Update: New Cars

GTA Online received a total of 17 new automobiles as part of the Los Santos Tuners update, with 10 of them becoming available immediately away. Annis Euros, Karin Calico GTF, Vapid Dominator GTT, Obey Tailgater S, and Dinka Jester RR are among them. Some of Images u can see below

Annis Remus in GTA Online

Annis Remus in GTA Online


GTA Online Dinka Jester RR

GTA Online Dinka Jester RR


Karin Calico GTF in GTA Online

Karin Calico GTF


GTA Online Karin Futo GTX

Karin Futo GTX

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