Ghost of Tsushima is an action-packed adventurous game developed by Sucker Punch production and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was launched on PlayStation 4 on 17 July 2020 as a  third-person perspective game. The developers of the game took special care about the Japanese culture during feudalism (an era in Japanese government where a weak monarchy tries to control an area of land through agreements with wealthy landholders). Special cultural team of Japan was set up during developing of this game so that actual visualisation of Japanese culture could be presented by this game.


The game revolves around Tsushima Island in the year 1274 ( Tsushima Island is a real island situated Halfway between the Japanese mainland and the Korean Peninsula). Jin Sakai, one of the last Samurai of that Island fight against first Mongol invasion in Japan. Mongol Army can reach Mainland Japan only through Tsushima Island. Due to large weapons and military tactics which were completely unknown to samurai of island defeats all the samurai and they conquered large part and territory of that Island. Jin, one of the few survivors and as a brave Samurai pledge to defeat the Mongol army, but he realises that his all tactics and training is useless against the powerful Mongol Army. Therefore he decides to train himself as a ghost and fight against them using the powers.


This games received mix review and critics among the audience. Metacritic, one of the most famous review aggregator gave 83% in favour.  Famitsu gave the game a rate 40/40 perfect score. This is the third western game to receive such a top score.

Here is some best review about games from google review,

Gaurav Negi says,” Why am getting so much witcher 3 vibes with this game? Anyway, I haven’t completed it fully. Played like 5 hours and it is a bit too early to review. But I can’t help myself, the scenery in this game is just killer. So beautiful, the background theme accompanies it so beautifully and the photo mode”.

Saheel XYZ says, ”It is a very unique game with its unique style of gameplay. Even if there are similarities with other games like hiding in tall grasses and tailing missions, etc the game tries its best to be different in exploration and combat perspective and it succeeds with flying colours. Furthermore, since it’s in a fictional Japanese world even if some gameplay seems identical to us, it feels very different”.

Ed. J.L says, ” Congratulations to SP team for the amazing game they have crafted so well. The mechanics are masterly, I came from Sekiro with sharped reflects and started my gameplay in blind and hard mode. It’s a masterpiece”.


A new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima shows that a storm is coming ...

The main attraction of this game is its visuals and graphics. The visualisation of this game is so far the best in this year on PlayStation as reviewed by gamers. The storyline of this game perfectly represents the astonishing Samurai culture. The developers of this game perfectly synchronise the real world into the game. Many audiences claim that they started to feel Samurai itself while playing this game. This game is available in Japanese as well as English subtitles.

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