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Get ready for Trevenant, the new defender in Pokemon UNITE

Get ready for Trevenant, the new defender in Pokemon UNITE
Get ready for Trevenant, the new defender in Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE adds a new defender Pokemon – Trevenant. There has been a release of a lot of aggressive-style Pokemons in Pokemon UNITE. It looks like the developers from TiMi Studio now want to balance the composition by releasing a new Pokemon for the defender role. Many players were surprised by the sudden announcement of Trevenant, the upcoming new Pokemon. Here is everything that we know about him.

Trevenant – Latest addition for the Defender role

Now apart from Slowbro, Crustle, Blastoise, Snorlax, and other such defender Pokemons, players will soon be able to select Trevenant when it gets introduced in the game. Trevenant was introduced in Pokemon X and Y which means that he is from Generation 6. As a dual Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon, Trevenant resembles a haunted tree, like the Treant creatures often found in folktales. Trevenant is the evolved form of Phantump.

Trevenant – Skills and items

The developers have still not provided detailed descriptions of the skills of Trevenant in Pokemon GO. Thus, it is hard to speculate the playstyle and items that synergize with his skills. The developers have only released a Pokemon Spotlight where Trevenant can be seen using his various skills on other Pokemons, scoring goals for points, etc.

Trevenant – Expected release date

If we take into account the past Pokemon releases, the developers have introduced them within the game within a few weeks after the official announcement. There is a high hope that players will be able to get Trevenant inside Pokemon UNITE by the end of this month.

With the speed at which developers have been adding Pokemons, it looks like they are preparing the game for its debut in the Pokemon World Championship which will be held sometime in the future this year. Having multiple Pokemon options will lead to the development of more playstyles and synergies which will make the matches of Pokemon UNITE more interesting.

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