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Genshin Impact Tools V3.4 Update: Check out the latest updates in Genshin Impact Tools


Genshin Impact Tools V3.4 Update: Check out the latest updates in Genshin Impact Tools- With the version 3.4 update of Genshin Impact knocking at the door, the V3.4 related content has also been added to Hoyolab’s Genshin Impact Tools. The Genshin Impact tools in Hoyolab are mainly present to aid the travellers through their adventures in the game. These tools include an interactive map that displays every item available in the game along with their location in detail, Hoyowiki that contains information about everything in the game, a lineup simulator to view Spiral Abyss lineups and many more. The version 3.4 update tools adds more to these pre existing tools.


Genshin Impact Tools V3.4 Update: Check out the latest updates in Genshin Impact Tools

Interactive Map Content Update 

As mentioned in the above paragraph, the Interactive Map is a tool present in Hoyolab which displays a detailed map of the world of Tevyat along with all the information about the locations of all kinds of collectibles, quests, domains, bosses and much more.

The current V3.4 tools update added more features to this tool including the map of the Desert Of Hadramaveth and the new characters and their corresponding items that comes with the version 3.4 update.

Battle Chronicle Update

The Battle Chronicle gives a detailed look at player statistics, including information regarding specific loot and possessions, a display of the player’s unlocked characters, and even specific Spiral Abyss progress results. The characters Alhaitham and YaoYao were added through this update.

Enhancement Progression Calculator

The Enhancement Progression Calculator is a tool that allows travellers to calculate the required enhancement and level-up materials for all characters, weapons, and artifacts. The characters Alhaitham and Yaoyao were added.

Card Plaza

One of HoYoLAB’s Genshin Impact Tools is the Card Plaza, where you can sift through different scenarios (such as character invitations) and look up other players’ deck builds, as well as see the descriptions and functions of different cards.

A new heated battle mode was added along with Klee and Beidou cards in the V3.4 tools update.

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