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Genshin Impact “Teyvat Spring Break” Themed Event: Schedule, Rewards, and More

Genshin Impact "Teyvat Spring Break" Themed Event: Event Schedule, Rewards, and More

Genshin Impact “Teyvat Spring Break” Themed Event: Schedule, Rewards, and More – The latest Genshin Impact event, the Spring Outing-Themed Fan Creation Competition,” has kicked off, and players around the world are excited to showcase their artistic skills. This event encourages players to submit their original fan art, comic dialogues, or fan dubbing, with the theme of a “Spring Outing” in Teyvat.

Genshin Impact “Teyvat Spring Break” Themed Event: Schedule, Rewards, and More

The event starts on March 25, 2023, and lasts until April 17, 2023. During this time, participants can express their creativity in the form of fan illustrations, comic dialogues, etc by posting them on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc with the hashtags #TevyatSpringBreak or #GenshinImpact.

The event rewards consist of a Grand Prize of $3000 USD(4 Winners), a First Prize of $2000 USD(8 Winners), a Second Prize of $1000 USD(12 Winners), and a Third Prize of $500 USD (20 Winners).

Genshin Impact has always been known for its vibrant and colorful world, and this event is a great opportunity for players to showcase their creativity and imagination. The theme of a “Spring Outing” is perfect for this time of year, as players can draw inspiration from the blossoming flowers and warm weather.

Fanart entries can be in any medium, including digital art, traditional art, or even cosplay photography. Comic dialogue entries can be in any format, including single panels or multi-page comics. Fan dubbing entries can be in any language, but they must be based on official Genshin Impact content.

In conclusion, the “Teyvat Spring Break: Spring Outing-Themed Fan Creation Competition” is an exciting event for Genshin Impact players around the world. With the chance to showcase their creativity and win fantastic prizes, this event is sure to be a hit. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, don’t miss your chance to participate in this fun and enjoy this auspicious occasion.

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