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Genshin Impact: Everything We Know about the 2.2 Patch Update

Genshin Impact: Everything We Know about the 2.2 Patch Update

Genshin Impact, one of the world’s best open-world adventure games had its latest update this month. The 2.1 Update of Genshin Impact added a lot of new and Interesting features into the game. However slowly, we are getting near the next huge update of the game that is the 2.2 update. And surely the 2.2 updates of Genshin Impact are also going to be amazing. This article will tell you about everything that we know about the 2.2 updates of Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is an Open World Adventure Game that was released in 2020 and was published by miHoyo.

Everything We Know About the upcoming 2.2 updates of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has always surprised the players with new content. And not once, the content has been disappointing. Just like every other update, we can say that the 2.2 updates of the game is also going to be amazing. Let’s take a look at all the leaks that we know until now.

•New Character: Thoma

– Thoma appeared in front of the players before. He was a part of the game during the beta test and many beta test users must remember him as well. Finally, the character has been confirmed in the 2.2 patch Update of Genshin Impact.

– Thoma has Pyro Vision and is a polearm user. He mainly focuses on dealing attacks with powerful damage. Moreover, Thoma has a lot of different abilities and will surely become one of the favorite characters of many players out there.

•New Area – Tsurumi Island

– Tsurumi Island is a part of the Inazuma. The Tsurumi Island is a mysterious island that is covered with fog. Not many details about this island have been revealed yet. But let’s hope that we get to know more about the place as we get near the update.

Along with these two things, a lot more stuff is also on its way. However, not much about them is revealed yet. But we can say that the 2.2 Update of Genshin Impact is surely having some interesting Events. We may even be able to see some new enemies in those events as well. Moreover, a lot of new weapons are also going to release. And it can be said that the weapons will be connected to the events.

That said, that’s all we know about the 2.2 updates of Genshin Impact until now. But if we get to know more details on the topic. We’ll be sure to update you. Make sure, that you play Genshin Impact and experience one of the best Open World Adventure Games ever.

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