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Genshin Impact Collei Birthday Event: Event Schedule, Rewards, and More

Genshin Impact Collei Birthday Event

Genshin Impact, the popular free-to-play action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, is celebrating the birthday of one of its beloved characters, Collei. The game has announced a special event for players to commemorate her special day, where they can post birthday wishes for Collei in the comment section of the post on the official website to get a chance to obtain a Genshin Impact badge set.

Genshin Impact Collei Birthday Event: Event Schedule, Rewards, and More

The event is set to take place on May 8th, which marks the birthday of Collei, a character known for her sharp tongue and unwavering determination. Players can participate in the event by visiting the official website of Genshin Impact and finding posts related to Collei’s birthday celebration. Once they have located the post, they can leave a birthday wish for Collei in the comments section.

Players who participate in the event can obtain a badge set featuring Collei, which they can use to customize their in-game profile. The badge set includes several different badges, each one featuring a unique image of Collei, such as her holding a sword or with her hair down.

The event is a great opportunity for players to show their love for Collei, one of the most popular characters in the game. Fans have been eagerly anticipating her birthday celebration, and the event provides them with a chance to interact with other players and share their admiration for the character.

Overall, the Collei birthday event is an excellent way for Genshin Impact players to engage with the game’s community and celebrate one of their favorite characters. The event will take place on May 8th, so be sure to mark your calendars and join in on the celebration by leaving a birthday wish for Collei in the comments section of the post on the official website. You may just be lucky enough to obtain the badge set and show off your love for Collei in style!

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