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Genshin Impact Characters Tier List: Abilities, Elementals and Value of each character

Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Tier List: Abilities, Elementals, and Value of each character. Genshin Impact developed and published by miHoYo is one of the leading action role-playing games. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS in September 2020, for PlayStation 5 in April 2021. Genshin Impact was among the most played game and highest-grossing games of 2020. Due to its innovative gameplay mechanics, it was also awarded the best game of 2021 on Twitter in Q1. The game purchases already crossed the $6 Million mark in 2020.

Read our complete article to know more about the different character abilities, elementals, and value of the in-game characters. Genshin Impact has a total of 35 characters from which players need to make their dream team. The characters are divided into 6 Tiers: SS, S, A, B, C, and D. We have listed below all the characters based on their tiers.

Tier Wise Genshin Impact Characters Distribution


a) DILUC: Diluc has the highest base attack power and a very high critical rate which makes him the best DPS character in the game. It has an Elemental Burst cooldown of 12 seconds and requires only 40 energy.

b) KEQING: Keqing has the best Attacking power, Defensive power, and HP making her one of the best characters in the game. Not only is she a strong Melee fighter but also has strong Electro abilities.

c) QIQI: Qiqi is known as a damage giver and healer. She has massive attacking abilities and can also heal herself quickly. Qiqi is a Cryo sword fighter.

d) VENTI: Venti is a strong character whose elemental burst brings about a storm that catches hold of all nearby enemies. It can absorb Pyro, Electro, Cryo, and Hydro elements easily.

e) EULA: Eula is a very fast attacking player who deals immense physical damage. There is a whole separate guide in the game which explains all her abilities and skills which will help you get the most out of her.

f) GANYU: Ganyu has the ability to shoot various Cryo arrows with her charged attack which deals effective area damage. With her AOE Elemental skills, Ganyu can continuously freeze their enemies and deal damage.

g) HU TAO: Hu Tao is a polearm and Pyro character that can be really effective with the right build. Her damage stats against single targets are unbelievable.


a) XIAO: Xiao can attack multiple enemies at the same time using his plunging attack technique. It is the only DPS-oriented Anemo character in the game.

b) ALBEDO: Albedo’s elemental skill has a quick cooldown time of 4 seconds which is very helpful. With his elemental abilities, you can create geo explosions that deal large area damage.

c) KAZUHA: Kazuha is a very versatile character who is also the first Inazuma character of the game. With the right build, Kazuha can deal immense damage all alone.

d) AYAKA: Ayaka is a fairly new character introduced in Genshin Impact 2.0 as a DPS character. She can also be used as a sub-DPS character. She is a Cryo Sword user and deals decent damage.

e) KLEE: Klee is generally built to deal maximum Pyro damage. She is a bombing expert who deals with high base attacks and is a catalyst.

f) TARTAGLIA: Tartaglia is a Hydro character who surprisingly deals high elemental damage, unlike other Hydro characters. He is useful in many ways if built and used correctly.

g) ZHONGLI: Zhongli is a 5 star rated player in the game. Zhongli can play a DPS/Support Hybrid role dealing immense damage at the same time.

h) MONA: Mona is a Hydro character who can freeze enemies in combination with a Cryo Teammate. She has an evasive ability which makes her very agile.


a) RAZOR: Razor is one of the best Melee fighters in the game. He has high attacking powers and his Elemental abilities enhance them furthermore.

b) YANFEI: Yanfei has the third strongest base attack in the game. It is a Pyro character and is very strong.

c) ROSARIA: Rosaria is one of the most versatile characters in the game. You can use her as the main damage dealer or a supporting character in the team.

d) XIANGLING: Xiangling is one of the best Pyro characters in the game. She deals explosive melee damage and has impressive elemental skills.

e) JEAN: Jean is a versatile Anemo support character and also a good healer. She can be used for any role in the team.

f) FISCHL: Fischl has the unique ability to spawn Oz, her familiar, on the battlefield. They both combined can do wonders for the team.

g) BARBARA: Barbara is a Hydro catalyst character who is one of the best healers in the game. She can heal the entire team with her elemental burst.


a) SUCROSE: Sucrose is a great character who can launch enemies in the air with her elemental skill, which deals Anemo damage in the process.

b) CHONGYUN: Chongyun is a great Cryo character. With the help of another Hydro character, he can freeze a lot of enemies in one go.

c) DIONA: Diona is also a Cryo player who can freeze several enemies by herself. She can also heal and create protective shields.

d) BENNETT: Bennett is a DPS character who can heal his teammates by scaling off his own HP with his elemental burst.

e) XINYAN: Xinyan is a great Pyro 4 stared character. She has the highest base attack among all 4 stared characters.

f) XINGQUI: Xingqui has a passive skill that can heal the current character which is very helpful to the team.


a) NOELLE: Noelle is a Geo-Claymore character known for its defensive abilities. She is also good at shielding and healing.

b) LISA: Lisa is one of the best characters for starters. She has impressive AOE Electro power which can be maximized with her catalyst.

c) KAEYA: Kaeya can be used as a DPS by beginners. Although his elemental abilities are average.

d) TRAVELER: Traveler can change its elemental type which is a unique ability. He is a decent sword attacker.

e) NINGGUANG: Ningguang is a catalyst character who can stop incoming enemy hordes by creating a massive Geo Wall.

F) BEIDOU: Beidou is a Claymore character with comparatively less Base attack damage but is useful.


a) AMBER: Amber is a very basic character that should be used for solving Puzzles and Exploring only.

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