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Genshin Impact Character Mika Build: Best Artifact Set, Weapons, and More

Genshin Impact Character Mika Build: Best Artifact Set, Weapons, and More

Genshin Impact Character Mika Build: Genshin Impact has introduced a new character in the form of Mika, a 4-star cryo user who has quickly become a fan favorite due to her unique abilities and powerful skills. With her impressive damage output and versatile playstyle, Mika is a valuable addition to any team. Here, we will discuss the best artifact set and weapon set for Mika and some of the most compatible teams with this fiery new character.

Genshin Impact Character Mika Build: Best Artifact Set, Weapons, and More

The Knights of the Favonius member Mika works diligently and primarily performs odd duties. In order to fulfill his passion for becoming a master cartographer, he spends his leisure time traveling to uncharted areas, collecting topographic information, and creating maps.

Best Artifact Set for Mika

The best artifact set for Mika is the Noblesse Oblige set, which provides a significant boost to her attack. The 2-piece bonus increases Mika’s elemental burst damage bonus by 20%, while the 4-piece bonus allows her to deal an additional 20% attack to the whole team. This makes the Noblesse Oblige a perfect fit for Mika, as her abilities rely heavily on increasing the attack of the party members.

Best Weapon Set for Mika

Mika is a polearm user, and the best weapon set for her is the Engulfing Lightning. This powerful 5-star weapon increases Mika’s energy recharge by 55.1%, which not only enhances her damage output but also makes her more durable in battle. Additionally, the Engulfing Lightning provides an extra Energy Recharge after an elemental burst which further increases the total ER of the character.

Most Compatible Teams with Mika

Mika’s unique abilities make her an ideal fit for a variety of team compositions. One of the most effective team compositions for Mika is a Damage focused team that includes characters like Raiden Shogun and Zhongli with Eula being the main DPS. This allows Eula to benefit from the increased attack provided by Mika while getting periodically healed. Raiden Shogun will provide Electro DMg for triggering superconduct and Zhongli will provide a shield to the character.

In conclusion, Mika is a powerful new character in Genshin Impact who offers a unique playstyle and impressive damage output. By equipping her with the Engulfing Lightning and Noblesse Oblige set, and pairing her with compatible team members, players can unlock Mika’s full potential and dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re a longtime Genshin Impact player or a newcomer to the game, Mika is a valuable addition to any team.

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