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Gen.G upset fan-favorite T1 to be crowned as LCK Spring 2023 Champions


Gen.G upset fan-favorite T1 to be crowned as LCK Spring 2023 Champions – As one of the most competitive League of Legends circuits in the world, the LCK attracts many eyes. In the Grand Finals between T1 and Gen.G, League fans tuned in to cheer for their favorite teams. While T1 was considered the favorite in the series, Gen. G surprised everyone and created a massive upset to win the 2023 LCK Spring Split. Here is a breakdown of how the series went.

Gen.G upset fan-favorite T1 to be crowned as LCK Spring 2023 Champions

T1 looked incredible throughout the 2023 LCK Spring Split. They had lost only 1 series in the regular season and reached the grand finals by not losing in the upper bracket. Meanwhile, Gen.G had to work on their team coordination since they had 2 new players. But they made it work and reached the grand final to challenge T1 again.

Game 1

In the first game of the series, it was Doran’s Gragas that helped Gen.G get an advantage. He outplayed T1 players in solo skirmishes and teamfights, creating many opportunities for Gen.G. Gen.G’s ADC Peyz also played a crucial role by getting a perfect 14/0/3 KDA and help the team secure a lead.

Game 2

The second game also had a similar story. This time, the entire Gen.G team stepped up to help their team win crucial teamfights and secure the game. All 5 players performed superbly and were able to shut down any attempts by T1 to come back into the series.

Game 3

T1 finally found their groove and was able to stop Gen.G from clean-sweeping them. They drafted their lineup around their carry players Faker and Gumayusi. It helped them safeguard both the damage dealers in teamfights and turn the tables on Gen.G. With the help of their lead, T1 secured the game to make the scoreline 2-1.

Game 4

Although T1 got a slight lead over Gen.G in the early game, they could not capitalize on it. Gen.G’s dual ADC composition became too much for T1 to handle from the mid-game. T1 players tried their best to shut down the enemy backline but Gen.G’s Chovy and Peyz carried the team to victory.

With a 3-1 win over T1 in the series, Gen.G became back-to-back LCK champions (they were also the LCK Summer 2022 champions). All five players from Gen.G performed to the best of their capabilities to win this title for the team.

Gen.G and T1 have now qualified for the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 where they will be facing the champions from the other League of Legends esports regions.

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