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Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Tips for Players to Improve the Zone rotation in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Tips for Players to Improve the Zone rotation in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Tips for Players to Improve the Zone rotation in Free Fire. In battle royale titles basically like Free Fire, zone rotation, hot-drop and to land on the blue location sometimes becomes the most difficult and challenging thing. Players and their squad need special strategies to survive at that time and to get ‘ Booyah’. At least, one player in the squad needs to have the skill to rotate and to survive till the end.

This will help the players in better loot, perfect location to take fights with enemy and more. This skill is mostly required in the end zones when there are usually 15 alive out of 50. Here in this article, we’re gonna showcase the best 5 tips for the players to improve the zone rotation, especially in end zones.

Tips to Improve zone rotation for the Players

Good landing spot

Players can land on aggressive places like Peak, Clock Tower, Bimasakti Stripe, Pochinok because there are 70% chances for zones to end up in these places. So, players don’t have to rotate at risky times. These four locations, especially Bimashakti Stripe are known as the best looting locations in Free Fire. Therefore, players can gather an adequate amount of loot. If zones end up in these locations, there will be better opportunities for the players to win the match.

Take an appropriate cover

One of the most important tricks to win a BR mode is the utilization of covers. Players and their teammates must take a proper cover when in aggressive fights and while moving on from one location to another. During the end circles, taking covers provides a huge role in winning the match for the players. Sometimes, end zones fall in an open area. At that moment, finding cover is quite crucial for the players. So, players must collect gloo walls as much as they can to take an appropriate cover because, at that moment, it can help to survive.

Don’t misfire while rotating

Players should not misfire when rotating within the safe zones unless they don’t wanna get ambushed. It will be quite problematic for the players if their position is revealed because it will be easier for the enemies to kill as they already know the positions. Many other squads can also attack at a time.

Players should always stay inside the safe zone

Players should always advance to the safe zone because the enemies who are already in the safe zone will not allow us to step into the secure positions and will try their best to eliminate us. Players should also note that they should avoid sticking outside the safe zone. If revealed by the opponents at that position, they will get a good opportunity to defeat us or to push us out of the safe zone, which may force us to rotate a long way.

Play aggressively but smartly

Firstly, players when coming outside the safe zone should see that no one has revealed their positions. Basically, in the end zones players need to take fights smartly, they need to wait for opponent fights and to give a perfect backstrap.

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