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Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update
Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update. Characters in Free Fire provide a vital role in the game because they have unique character skills which help and support the players in the battleground. Every character in the game has different abilities except Nulla and Primis. Moreover, many other features in the game such as advantages of gun skins, Gloo wall skins, and more also make the title different from others.

Now, there are around ten brand new characters in the game after the updates and Dj Alok is one of the hottest and desired characters and is being one of the most used characters in the game. Many players cannot obtain DJ Alok because it charges diamonds in order to abstain from it, therefore they had to search for other characters in alternatives.

One more unique feature in the game is that users are also provided with an option to create character combinations by purchasing the character slot by gold to upgrade their gameplay. After purchasing the lost players can fill other characters’ skills in the slot. Follow the article to know the Top 5 character combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update.

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update

Dimitri+ Thiva+ Laura Maro

Firstly, Dimitri has an ability named Healing Heartbeat which allows them to create a 3.5m diameter healing zone where players and their allies can restore 3HP/s for 10s. Moreover, users and allies can get self-recover if they are knocked. The cooldown time of the ability is 85s. Players can use Dimitri’s ability in aggressive fight situations.

Thiva has an ability named Vital Vibes which allows increasing the revival speed by 10%. After completing every rescue, the teammates will gain an extra 15HP within five seconds.

Laura has an ability named Sharp Shooter which allows increasing the accuracy speed by 35% when scoped in. 

Lastly, Maro has an ability named Falcon fervor which allows increasing damage with distance up to 5%. Moreover, damage to marked enemies increases by 1%.

Skyler+ Hayato+ Dasha+ Leon

Skyler is an active ability and one of the most desired characters in the game. The name of the ability is Sonic wave which allows breaking five gloo walls at a time with a 5m range with a release of sonic wave. The cooldown time is the 60s. Moreover, after the deployment of each gloo wall, HP restores automatically.

Hayato has an ability named Bushido, with every 10% decrease in maximum HP armor penetration increase by 7.5%.

Dasha has an ability named Partying On which helps the players to reduce damage from falls by 30% and reduce the recovery time from falls by 60%. Moreover, it reduces the rate of recoil buildup by 6%.

Leon has an ability named Buzzer Beater which provides the players an extra 5HP after surviving combat on the match.  

Wukong+ Antonio+ Kla+Moco

Wukong has an ability named Camouflage which helps the players concert into a bush with a 20% speed decrease in their movement for 10s. The cooldown time of the ability is 300s. Players should also remember that converting into bush can gain turn into normal with the enemy’s hit. Lately, Wukong is an active ability character.

Antonio has an ability named Gangster’s Spirit which provides the players extra 10HP when the round begins. This character is very useful in CS mode.

Kla has an ability named Muay Thai which helps the player to give 100% damage to enemies by fist. This ability is very good in aggressive and close combat.

Lastly, Moco’s ability named Hackers’ eye helps the players and their allies to tag enemies for two seconds after they shoot them. 

Xayne+Jota+Jai+ Shirou

Xayne’s ability is named Xtreme Encounter which gets 80HP temporarily but decays over time. Moreover, the ability provides a 40% increase in damage to gloo walls and shields. The ability lasts for 10s and the cooldown time is 150s. Players should remember Xayne is an active ability character.

Jota has an ability named Sustained Raids which helps us to gain extra HP after hitting the enemies with guns. Moreover, knocking down an enemy will recover 10% HP for users.

Jai’s ability is named Raging Reload which automatically reloads the weapons like AR, Pistol, SMG, SG by 30% of its capacity after knocking an enemy.

Shirou has an ability named Damage Delivered which tags the enemy’s position with a range of 80m for 6s after they hit the player. The first shot given to the enemy has 50% extra armor penetration. The cooldown time of the ability is 25s.

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations without DJ Alok after OB31 Update

K+ Miguel+ Luqueta+ Otho

K’s ability MAster of All raises the max EY by 50. Moreover, it has two modes: Jiu-Jitsu, and Psychology mode. Jiu-Jitsu mode helps the allies to restore a 500% increase in EP within the 6m range. Meanwhile, the other mode Psychology recovers 3Ep every 2.2 s up to 150EP. The cooldown time while switching the modes is 3s.

Miguel’s ability named Crazy Slayer allows the users to gain 30E for each kill during the match.

Luqeta’s ability named Hat Trick helps the player to increase the maximum health by 10, up to 50 after securing a kill. That means five kills in a match which helps the players restore 250 HP and this will be very competitive in aggressive fights. Lastly, Otho has an ability named Memory Mist which allows the reveals other enemies’ position within 25 mof range after eliminating an enemy. Moreover, the enemy’s positions will also be shared with the allies.

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